A Meeting of the Minds

Q: What does a brain do when it sees a friend across the street?

A: It gives a brain wave.

This joke may not have you ROTFL but it is literally what happened when two strangers who happened to be using the office space available at ROC Santa Monica last year began talking about the brain, brain science and tapping our unused potential. Reading and understanding each others (or our own) brain waves is a key component in life and in business. Meet Garrett Ruhland, a graduate from Duke in Neurochemistry and he is hyper stimulated by what he knows (and has learned) about getting the most from this evolving organ and applying updates for our modern world. Much attention has been given recently to the brain and understanding this complex organ that seems to control us and everything we do. In the last four years funding and priority has been given to this research under President Obama’s “BRAIN Initiative” putting these complex cortexes under the microscope. Those two former strangers who shared a mutual interest, co-habitants of ROC, translated this meeting of the minds into becoming the co-founders of a new company called ModernAlkaMe. Garrett and Bryan have their sensors on the pulse and have developed an evolving system of their own to upgrade our brains function and put the ultimate control back into the rational realm and tap into our ultimate potential.

ModernAlkaMe evolved as a passion project when Garrett and Bryan first met working for different entities both using office space at ROC Santa Monica. An inspiring, “supportive and desirable environment” which provided the fertile soil for sowing the seed for ModernAlkaMe, credits Garrett, who knows that we can all increase our brain function with the right tailored match, likening the company to a “match-making service for your brain chemistry”.

Tapping your potential and pursuing professions with passion and purpose are popular phrases in today’s fast paced professional world (pardon the p’s). Of course, your ultimate potential and what you are passionate about are wholly unique to you. Being receptive to opportunities however, is something we can all understand and incorporate in our daily lives. This openness and receptivity in a collaborative environment like ROC provides, nourished the concept of creating a program to enhance brain function on an individual level, and the founding of ModernAlkaMe in 2014. Now Garrett and Bryan are based at ROC together again, this time at one of the Newport Beach locations, and according to Garrett the choice in office space was “a no-brainer” considering his lingering positive and prosperous experience with ROC in Santa Monica.

After speaking with Garrett recently, the co-founder and CEO of ModernAlkaMe, he reflected deeper that one of the unique opportunities available by using a ROC office is the access to a diverse group of professionals in various fields that are more than willing to collaborate or chip in an opinion or two. Other tenants of ROC office space have provided him with valuable financial and accounting advice, wording and phraseology for marketing, promotional opportunities, and honest opinions about everything from color choice to navigating FDA and legal issues.

The result, interest and application of this smart strategizing is still growing and expanding, hopefully just like our brains. Garrett believes that the tailored programs created for each brain will unlock more of our ability as human beings in the information age and better take care of our aging brains the same way we take care of our bodies. Just like physical health is considered a balance of 80% diet and 20% exercise, our brain operates on a similar ratio, we must nourish our brain and exercise it as well.

Most of us have felt overwhelmed when going to a vitamin store or trying to decide which holistic health options are best for our bodies and brains, but ModernAlkaMe intends to customize and answer this question for you and your brain alone. Trust and customized services are part of the package they create successfully replacing the need for many other “catch-all” supplements that may not be optimized for your specific body or lifestyle. Since last month’s report from the FDA claimed that many of the vitamin and supplements on the market were not approved (or tested) and many will be recalled, the issue of trust and what we feed our bodies has become even more important.

According to the FDA a “Dietary Supplement” must contain dietary “ingredients” such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals or amino acids”. Currently there are more than 65,000 of these ‘dietary supplements” on the shelves and more than 150 million Americans claim to take this type of supplement on a daily basis.

We are always learning in life (hopefully) but putting that knowledge into practice is where we are able to reap any benefits from our brains capacity and trusting your brains health to a Neurochemical Consultant from the prestigious Duke University isn’t a hard problem to solve, it’s another “no brainer”. Another brilliant idea we can all learn from this blog is that being open to promising possibilities, getting feedback from others in a collaborative manner, and being in the right place at the right time are not matters of chance; they are part of the logical process of growth, not just for your brain but for any business or start-up. If you ask Garrett, he will tell you that his passion turned into a reality with the support and inspiration of ROC, the right environment to increase your ultimate potential.

1st Image Credit:(Human Brain)
Image By National Institute of Health [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
2nd Image Credit: (PET Scan)
Image By Health and Human Services Department, National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging : p.24[1] (Alzheimer’s Disease: Unraveling the Mystery) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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