A Rose By No Other Name, Sarah Rose PR Is Blooming!

One of ROC Santa Monica’s premier tenants, Sarah Rose of Sarah Rose PR has stepped into the limelight, or grow light with her recent popular article published just yesterday by the widely respected and influential Entrepreneur.

In the first of likely several more introspective and honest advice sprinkled articles we will read from Sarah Rose, she passionately defends certain negative stereo-types that have been commonly associated with the Millennial generation, a group she closely identifies with.

Like most successful people will reflect, an obstacle is merely an opportunity, and Sarah’s take on the aggressive, impatient and “lazy” Millennial is nothing short of optimistic if not rosy.

Photo By Paolo Neo [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Speaking from a personal perspective, in her article “5 ‘Bad’ Millennial Traits That Are Actually Good for Entrepreneurs” Sarah explains why wanting fame and fortune, being impatient about it, and consumed in social media and online are all invaluable assets in new corporate world today.

In order to give advice with such an empowering voice you would think Sarah is not possibly a member of this young generation, but she epitomizes it, her own portfolio is a tribute to her rapidly rising success story.

In just two years after starting her own Public Relations firm, Sarah Rose PR has become a nationally recognized and highly respected niche agency.

Her own first hand media experience began long ago which included freelance writing for various prestigious national brands such as Coast Magazine, US Magazine, NBC’s iVillage and many more, earning her a fast track to high quality, professional experience as a starting line right out of college.

Being a Millennial herself, Sarah supports a sense of “self-aggrandizement” and unbridled ambition, proving her unstoppable and zealous nature that is a requirement of the best PR agencies, she is quickly entering the limelight she is not embarrassed to admit craving.

The act of dreaming big is not something we should ever grow out of, being fearful however is.

These are just two essential qualities that most Millennial’s posses and are worth far more than Bitcoins in the long term. Millennial wisdom is anything but an oxymoron, as Sarah Rose proves. The simple, optimistic and refreshing perspective Sarah shares in explaining why this rising Entrepreneur generation is wired for success and likely also why Sarah Rose PR is full of budding talent.

Feature Image Courtesy of Rosendahl [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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