As if Fridays Could Get Any Better

The newly formed and growing innovative networking group FLF (Free Lunch Friday) commenced for their monthly meeting last week in Orange County at ROC (Real Office Centers) Newport Beach location, which was another tremendous success in adding to the weekend kick-off. The goal of this monthly event began as an opportunity to connect the “starving artists” or malnourished entrepreneurs, with food, beverages and a comfortable platform and environment to connect, share, and learn about each other and their respective industries. Along with feeding the body, since no one can learn on an empty stomach, brain food is also served up in the form of “speakers” or entrepreneurial experts that have invaluable experience and information to share about their own journey to success. Unlike most events that promise a “free” gift to be presented at the end (of course), FLF feeds the people first, because they know that “every great conversation starts with a great meal”.

FLF’s event speaker at ROC in Newport Beach was Dr. Robert Cardoza who currently hosts his own syndicated TV show “Robert Cardoza Live”, is a successful business accounting, tax and financial planner and has a Doctorate in International Finance from the London Institute of Technology. Close to 80 entrepreneurs showed up and many valuable connections were made among the attendees.

FLF knows that we are all in a hurry and these Fridays are designed with that in mind. The lunches are generally scheduled to begin at noon (as it was for this event), the public speakers time is kept brief (at approximately 20 minutes) and the majority of time at this event is reserved for meeting others, schmoozing, eating, making new connections in a purely relaxed environment. The FLF events are appealing to the masses by being informational yet informal, inspiring and nourishing.

Seriously, what could be wrong with some free pizza and beer (not wine and crudités) on a Friday surrounded by like minded intelligent beings and for free?

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