AT&T Aspire Education Hackathon at ROC

This past weekend ROC (Real Office Centers) had the opportunity to host the AT&T Aspire Education Hackathon. This is a series of hackathon’s run by the AT&T Developer Program, which is all about creating solutions through mobile technologies and software development. Enthusiastic developers, students, teachers, and entrepreneurs alike joined us for what promised to be a very thrilling 24 hours.

The most common theme involved online tools and apps to initially generate more engagement in classroom activities and then turn that online stimulation into offline / IRL classroom interaction. This AT&T hackathon featured a day of classes and learning activities for participants to get more familiar with common mobile development tools and frameworks. The attendees had varying levels of skill in development, design, business, etc. This all helped create a very supportive environment for participants to create, engage, learn, and have fun. It was a fantastic opportunity for ROC to help create a platform in an educational setting that is all about innovating the education space.

1st Place – Parigraf – Tool to help reluctant students ask questions, make comments, and become more engaged with literature content through a highlighting and commenting mobile application that allows students to utilize their mobile device to consume digital course content.

2nd Place – Lit Remix – Engages students in literature by allowing students to create and share music related to novels they are reading. The goal is to create a fun way for previously disengaged students to get excited about literature.

3rd Place – iBook Widget – A platform to easily utilize content from DK Images, YouTube, Twitter, AT&T, Dropbox, Flickr and more APIs within iBook’s Author.

Other Notable Finalists:

Lookalive Labs – A tool for teachers to administer questions through educational videos to keep students engaged. Therefor increasing interactivity for people watching educational videos.

Geo Explorer – A windows 8 application that allows users to learn about different countries and cultures through games.

Classdrive – Think dropbox for the classroom. A storage service for students and teachers to share notes and files.

Cre8tive Space – Provides useful art tutorials and lessons to help people get over their fear of drawing and creating art.

A huge thanks to the AT&T Aspire Education Hackathon and Real Office Centers for a solid event with a lot of learning and some great results! Check out future ROC events on our calendar – you don’t want to miss out.

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