Catchy with a Cause, Balls Of Steel Are Really Cool

If you are looking for a unique gift idea consider giving the best thing since fire was discovered, well the opposite actually, since ice was discovered as a portable beverage chiller. The only problem with ice in our drinks is that it melts, not only diluting our beverage, but eventually ceasing to be cold. Those two detriments with ice can ruin a drink, unless you have the Balls of Steel.

Balls of Steel are actually “Whiskey & Spirit Chillers with a Cause”, made from stainless steel they are literally balls you put into your drink (Whiskey for example) which provide the optimal temperature over a longer period than ice and of course, the invincible balls never shrink (or melt)!

Neat And Cool, The Best of Both Worlds

The original BOS (Balls of Steel) may even tempt the neat drinkers to take sip on the cool side.

A gift for all occasions, the Balls of Steel are of course a catchy, lighthearted named product, but backed with weighty intentions by partnering their entire product line with the Testicular Cancer Society, donating 15% across the board to the TC Society and donating to the MD Anderson Cancer Center. This mission and alliance not only includes financial contributions but BOS also sponsors events and promotions in order to raise awareness and gain support. According to the “Quick facts about testicular cancer” from the BOS website, every hour of the day a man is diagnosed with testicular cancer. While they note that the survival rate is fortunately high for this type of cancer it is still the most common form of cancer among men between the ages of 20-34, and is no less concerning to those affected by this diagnosis.

Word is getting out, just days ago the Original Balls of Steel were featured on the Today Show (and have also been featured on CBS, in Maxim and the Huffington Post), and the response continues to be tremendous. The award winning Original Balls of Steel sell for just $24.99, include a conversation worthy display case, tongs, signature wristband, travel sack (allowed on airplanes), and booklet. Besides the drink coolers, their product line includes the “perfect whiskey glass” or a “Keep It Straight Up” vintage T-shirt.

The operational office of Original BOS is located in Newport Beach (Airport area) at the offices of ROC on MacArthur Boulevard, the epicenter of innovation and inspired entrepreneurship in the area. ROC, Real Office Centers is a non-traditional corporate office center, with locations throughout Southern California, focusing on supporting and fostering creativity and greatness in their collaborative, virtual and cutting edge offices.

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