ROC Honolulu
1110 Nuuanu
Honolulu, HI 96817

(808) 800-3965

ROC Honolulu was years in the making and a culmination of vision, patience, and hard work. A truly creative project, ROC's sixth operation is nestled right in the middle of Chinatown.

Our mission is to provide a platform for startup companies and the creative community. A ROC'in home base that will have everything needed to stimulate and foster the growth of emerging innovators. Extending ROC's Ohana to Hawaii through our friendly staff, emphasis on education, and capital and corporate sponsors, we are here to support the growth and success of O'ahu's entrepreneurs.
Membership Benefits

Conference room up to 12 people

Outdoor Dining

Event Space

Restaurant on 1st Floor

High Speed Internet/WIFI

Phone Booths

Walkable Eateries

Guest Reception

Full Kitchen

Janitorial Services

Space for innovation, inspiration, and collaboration.

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1110 Nuuanu
Honolulu, HI 96817

(808) 800-3965




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