Cloud Storage Choices: Why Your Head & Data Should Be in the Cloud

Cloud storage choices are inescapable and if you’re not utilizing this valuable business tool, here are just some of the reasons why your data should be in the cloud. The only question should be which cloud?

The decision of which cloud storage platform to utilize really comes down to personal choice and technical preference, but all of the most popular cloud storage choices are completely free!

A decade ago the prediction of being able to access everything you need anywhere you are and on any device may have seemed like another Hoverboard scam– a futuristic concept, but also a technological promise yet to be fulfilled. Yet, based on necessity (and demand), cloud storage is here, widely available, reliable, and to date thoroughly secure in keeping your data floating in the cloud(s).

Our mobile devices have allowed our entire lives to be mobile, both literally and virtually. Being always available and on the radar also means that business hours have evolved based on this mobility. Not utilizing cloud storage for your business now days is like still having an answering machine or (gasp) a beeper!

“Let me get back to you on that” or “I don’t have access to that information right now” are potential deal breakers, especially during “working” hours.

Admittedly, the only two barriers between getting work done anymore are Wi-fi and electricity (or battery juice), and almost everyone else in the world knows it, excuses are futile.

Let’s Be Cirrus About Cloud Storage Choices

Cloud Storage is not just a reality, but a necessity for businesses, but which one should you be using and why? That really comes down to the platform you’re most comfortable with, since its really about improving your existing efficiency. How much does it cost you to back-up your data? Access your files on your computer? Hopefully nothing, because that is what each of these cloud storage options cost, they are all free! All you have to do is give one of these cloud storage choices a try-even if you are already using one, you may find one of these choices is better.


You’ve likely heard of DropBox, but what about Box? If you’ve worked in a large multiple location corporations you’ve likely used this storage service which was developed specifically for large structured companies. Box, like all of the other cloud storage options listed are continuing to evolve with advanced integrated application and security features.


Perhaps the first most popular cloud storage service to emerge specifically for businesses of all sizes, Dropbox has made its name as a leader in adaptability for various Operating Systems, including Linux.

Google Drive

For personal and professional reasons most people have become familiar with Google Drive and it’s relative ease of use of features (once it is set up). Google Drive also starts everyone off with 15 GBs of storage, and is particularly considerate in not counting all video storage toward usage.


Firedrive comes with an introductory free account with a whopping 50 GB of storage to an unlimited number of groups, advanced sharing options and complete mobile access, with embedding for security all for free!


Of course anything with an “i” we know as being part of America’s favorite fruit family, the Apple. One thing that is a necessity with this cloud storage type is of course integration and compatibility, which is an option incorporating PC’s with the Apple Toolbar. But to really get the most of this type of storage you should have the full bushel of apples, an iPad, iPhone, etc…

OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)

Microsoft has proven that it is not going anywhere soon, and its free storage service once called SkyDrive, now called OneDrive, is similar to iCloud or even Google Drive, but if you use any of the Microsoft Office Products there are plenty of additional seamless benefits of using OneDrive.

So if you’re a Mac or a PC, if you work in one office or multiple locations, if you travel anywhere at any time, and if you are really bad at backing up your files, you really must put your head in the cloud and take a look around. Besides peace of mind that cloud storage offers, there are the added benefits of improved efficiency, accountability, and availability, all of which makes you on top of your game exceeding new heights-sky’s the limit!

Or we could all just go back to heaps of filing, which would certainly make the Consumers for Paper Options lobbying group happy. The Consumers for Paper Options group is actively protesting the digitization of paper documents in Washington D.C.-the group was established by EMA (Envelope Manufactures of America) who have certainly suffered losses in the last decade with on-line bill paying, digital statements, and of course e-mail.

Feature image courtesy of: iStock, “Cloud Storage Choices and Benefits”