Co Exist in the Workplace

Doing things together seems to be the secret ingredient in the recipe of success. From AT&T’s “More is better” campaign and companies like Groupon that preach the power of “many”, down to the age old adages “it takes a village” and “two heads are better than one”, the fact is that crowd sourcing, crowd funding, cowork and collaborative workspaces are taking root in our culture. In our ecologically minded society even good advice can be recycled and repurposed. Let’s hope that the cheesy Team Building “consultants” don’t make a reappearance in the corporate world touting banners that read “T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More!” and don’t even think of asking me to wear a Hawaiian shirt on Friday Mr. Lumbergh!

Co-working, crowd funding and social marketing have changed the workplace and created a global stage for success where previously a “pitch” was a “pipe dream”. Proof lies in the obvious overwhelming support and attention of crowd funding projects all over the media, hardly a day goes by without hearing of Kickstarter, K5 Launch, GoFundMe and MicroVentures and there are certainly more to come. This likely means that instead of a “trend” or fad, the concept is working which means it’s here to last, unless it becomes strangled with federal regulations. Being resilient and self reliant seems to be the overall theme in the entrepreneurial workplace. Obviously the success of pooling resources, reaching out and up means that you can’t keep a good man (or woman) down! Besides, the clichés, it means we are less dependent on “traditional” methods such as relying on a bank, are resourceful and most importantly able to use technology to put our product or service in the “right hands”, whatever that may mean for your business. Not to take this responsibility lightly a simple mistake in image, lapse in corporate decision making or improper mentorship can spell disaster, but that is not any different than it has always been in business, things just happen a lost faster as our bandwidth speeds increase.

Co working does not just mean playing nice together and working cohesively as a team, it now encompasses much more and is also about who you know. By out sourcing, in sourcing, and fielding or delegating jobs to individuals that are best equipped to handle specific niche tasks, you effectively are able to surround yourself and your company with a panel of experts. Feedback is also an integral part of co working and takes place on many levels, from within the company walls to your overall public image. Social media and collaborative ventures are really an opportunity for the cream to rise to the top. Not just the virtual space, but even the physical space we share has been “packaged” for today’s Entrepreneurs and start-ups. Co working office spaces make sense in today’s economy for this new culture to not only plant their seeds of opportunity but with all of the “extras” often offered along with an address there are often networking opportunities, seminars and special events tailored to help your business grow.

All old adages aside, the next generation of great minds, will not be suppressed. We are perhaps more cooperative and collaborative with each other and able to be consciously creative by pooling resources, funding, and whatever else is needed. As the wise proverb by Ryunosuke Satoro reminds us, “Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.” There are no shortages of resources available for Entrepreneurs; it’s simply about the 99% perspiration that is still required, not just the 1% genius. Perhaps we should all heed the solid advice of the resilient Donald Trump, “If you are going to be thinking anyway, think big.”

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