College Athlete Turned Techy Goes Mighty

Between Spotify, Apple Music, and all the other music streaming services out there, listening to music on the go has never been more convenient or versatile — but for Anthony Pu, founder of Mighty Audio, there is still one frontier that has yet to be reached.

“Mighty was born from a personal need among our team,” says Pu. “We are all ex-athletes and avid exercisers as well as big music fans. When Spotify and other streaming services first came out and I switched over from iTunes, I personally thought to myself ‘Where’s the iPod shuffle equivalent for these?’”

For Pu, who played Division 1 tennis at the University of Pennsylvania, having to keep his smartphone on him while working out proved bulky and troublesome. A few cracked screens and broken devices later, he and the team at Mighty finally set out to do something about it.

“Since nobody had come out with a product yet,” Pu says, “we decided to try ourselves and solve this pain point.”

Mighty is a small, simple audio player that allows users to listen to playlists from streaming services while working out without needing to have their smartphones on them. The device connects to a Mighty app on the user’s phone using Bluetooth technology.

As of the time this post was written, Mighty’s Kickstarter page had raised over $180,000, with an ultimate goal of $250,000. The funding deadline is end of day on March 23.

Though the original prototype was designed to accommodate Spotify, Pu sees the device going much further in the future.

“Our goal from a business perspective is to go way beyond just a player to play streaming services,” he says. “We see opportunities with being an open source device and integrating with other types of audio and fitness content via our mobile app.”

Pu hopes Mighty users will someday use the player to stream podcasts, audio, television and NPR.

Mighty has already received media attention from Time, Hypebeast, and other prominent outlets. After receiving feedback from initial backers on Kickstarter, the team has upped the hard drive storage to 4GB, and has kept the price at an affordable $79.

Pu says that in the future, additional updates to the product might include waterproofing for swimmers, additional memory and battery life for marathoners, and bluetooth headphones. He also sees the company developing beyond its original product, as the way people use their smartphones changes.
“Our thoughts on the future of tech in general is that the smartphone is becoming the laptop for the millennials,” Pu says. “Phones are getting bigger and more expensive and act more like a central hub for people. So we think there will be an ecosystem of devices around the phone that serve focused purposes that don’t require the phone, and Mighty is just the first product we put out there.”


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