Digital LA Silicon Beach Fest Semi-Finalists Crowned at ROC Santa Monica

Digital LA recently hosted their Silicon Beach Fest Semi-Finals: Sudden Elimination at ROC Santa Monica. The event featured seven startups, each of whom had up to three minutes to pitch their companies to a panel of three judges.

In “Shark Tank” fashion when a judge was not interested in hearing more he would hit a buzzer. The entrepreneurs who escaped being buzzed by any of the judges were ranked, and the top two advanced to the Silicon Beach Fest-Startup Showcase, on June 20-21 at ROC Santa Monica.

There was a wide range of startup ideas, including:

  • Daisy Jings “Perfect Beauty”, a Yelp type site connecting authentic trusted reviews for beauty products.
  • WeCarpool”, by a man named Serge, who bundles event tickets with convenient carpool service.
  • “30 Days NEW”… a mobile app that uses photos and reminder alerts to transform peoples lives every 30 days by making it fun and easy to achieve a goal, learn a new skill or stick to a habit.
  • “Sew You” created by Playlife Media, founded by Germaine Gioiat, which encourages users to create looks from digital renderings of real world patterns and fabrics which you can purchase through the game to sew at home.

Out of all the intriguing ideas: only two could advance. The judges decided on… drum roll pleaseā€¦ “SewYou” and “WeCarpool”!

Come check out the Silicon Beach Fest Finals on June 20-21 at ROC Santa Monica to see who will take the grand prize!

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