“Digital Moms” Share Their Expertise

Just four days before Mother’s Day, DigitalLA hosted a panel of experts in the “Digital Mom” space. By Digital Mom, we mean everything from mommy-bloggers to mom-oriented app developers, and from video content and monetization to baby product trade shows.

Moderated by DigitalLA’s Kevin Winston, the panel included five experts in the Digital Mom industry:

  • Leila Pirina – “Chief Mom Officer” at Artkive, an iOS app that stores and organizes your child’s artwork, giving you the option to compile it into a book. Artkive has over 100,000 users and within the first week of launch, was close behind Google apps and Dropbox in downloads. “We’ve disrupted the fridge door model,” says Leila.
  • Jina Park – President/CEO of PLUSH trade show and plushlittlebaby.com, a consumer trade show for luxury baby products.
  • Valeska Jacques – Co-founder of Rivvid and Founder of New Era Moms. Rivvid is a program that turns YouTube videos into educational games, while New Era Moms is a web show that features what Valeska calls “Mompreneurs.”
  • Jimmy Hutcheson – Owner of BestMomsTV.com, an investor-backed video-heavy mom blog.
  • Colleen Phelan – Senior Director of Product at IconApps, which recently launched an organizational app called Intuition+ Mom’s Personal Assistant.

The event covered a range of topics, including monetization plans, how to find app developers, networking with corporations, and social media best practices. Here are some of the takeaways:

  • Gain social media followers and an audience by building relationships with product manufacturers and having them promote you on their social networks.
  • Maintain a consistent social media voice by selecting 3 adjectives you want to convey and sticking to them.
  • Build an app where there is evidence of a strong need in the marketplace. Colleen Phelan says this is why her app has been downloaded 400,000 times.
  • Getting your product featured on a Mommy Blog has to happen naturally; start an open dialogue with bloggers that you respect.
  • When building an app for moms, make sure it’s kid safe, easy to use, and requires little time – moms are busy people.
  • The Digital Mom industry is wider than you think. Moms will get involved in any kid-oriented product. There are many males in the industry too – in fact, over half the audience was men!

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