The Dollar Shave Club Just Sold For $1 Billion — Here’s a Look at ROC’s Own Player in the Facial Hair Startup Game

As we first highlighted on this blog back in April, Real Office Centers community member Dollar Beard Club is a company that operates on a simple concept: for a small membership fee, customers receive their favorite facial haircare products in the mail each month.

“The Dollar Beard Club actually came about because it was our philosophy on life in general, and translated into a business,” said Alex Brown, one of the business’ cofounders, in the original post. “We grew our beards because it represented confidence, not caring what others think about you and doing business on our terms.”

Dollar Beard Club first entered the Internet’s collective conscious as a parodic reaction to Dollar Shave Club, which operates on the same premise, but sells razors instead of beard care products. The ROC tenant has since grown into a successful business in its own right — and its more clean-cut competitor just sold to Unilever, a hygiene and personal care product website, for a cool $1 billion.

The recent sale is seen as a big deal in the startup world, and has already been compared to Warby Parker, which often serves as a high benchmark for internet-based consumer goods companies. Like Dollar Beard Club, Dollar Shave Club started as a viral video sensation, and then grew into a profitable business model.

The sale is now being written about glowingly, with headlines like “How Companies Like Dollar Shave Club Are Reshaping the Retail Landscape” in the New York Times and “The secret to Dollar Shave Club’s success—and why I was an early investor” on CNBC’s website.

“These past few years have proved that strong brand-customer conversations are what made DSC stand out in the saturated tech industry in a short period of time, and why Unilever, a company that is looking to elevate its online-purchasing presence, took note,” writes Michael Jones, CEO of Science Inc., in the CNBC article.
While the bros at Dollar Beard Club have no plan to sell in the immediate future, they did recently strike a deal on Shark Tank for Coolbox, their new product that puts a tech-based, modern spin on the traditional toolbox. And now that Dollar Shave Club has shown what is possible with this business model, there’s no telling how far this ROC community member could go.

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