Don’t Call it A Festival–Kaaboo 2017 (And Discounted Tickets!)


The recent Fyre Festival notwithstanding, festival throwers and festival goers every year are improving upon the subtle art of the Festival. It’s a difficult task—a great festival requires so much more than the lineup. Location, for one. You need an isolated space, without being so out-there that a Sherpa is required. Facilities are another thing. Nothing kills the mood like a port-a-potty. Then there’s the dirt aspect. Everybody loves going to festivals to show off their outfits. Why then, are these festivals always taking place in dusty wastelands?

Unfortunately, for all the fun they are, festivals have become synonymous with dirt, tired legs, unbearable heat and sun exposure, mediocre food, and of course, port-a-potties.



That’s why the folks behind Kaaboo don’t call it a festival. Sure, it’s a three-day event with a killer lineup including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Pink, Muse, Weezer, and Ice Cube, but there will be NO port-a-potties. Kaaboo will have presentable, regularly cleaned restrooms. The toilets will flush.

The event will take place at the Del Mar racetrack in San Diego, which is assuredly not in the middle of a desert. Nor is it on an island, so you won’t need to worry about getting stranded and fighting for your survival. In fact, the venue will feature plenty of places to sit, rest, and find shade or air conditioning. There won’t be any flimsy camps and messy campsites, either. Instead, Kaaboo is partnering with nearby hotels for lodging, offering special deals and fee-free benefits for Kaaboo attendees.

Kaaboo will also feature an indoor, air-conditioned comedy club, a lineup of culinary artisans offering locally sourced food and drink, contemporary art installations, and spa services for men and women. At Kaaboo, you’ll be able to see your favorite legendary band play, wine and dine in luxury, catch a comedy show, get a massage, and end the night at a beachside hotel. It makes sense that they don’t want to call it a festival. They’d be more accurate calling it heaven.

Now, here’s some great news: for ROC members at The Vine SD and other Irvine Company customers, the Irvine Company is offering discounted ticket prices. 3-Day GA and VIP passes are marked down about 20%, which means saving up to $170 if you’re getting the VIP tickets. Discounted rates are also available for individual day passes.

Kaaboo will take place from September 15-17, in Del Mar, CA.

Check out the website for Kaaboo 2017, and follow the event on Facebook!

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