Easy Ways to Be Eco-Friendly at Work

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A few days ago in Paris, a landmark agreement was reached at the 21st Conference of Parties—COP21. Representatives from around the world came together on a new, eco-friendly framework of regulations that will combat climate change and protect the environment on a global scale. On a local level, we at Real Office Centers have always invested in the small but powerful ways that we can make our office communities environmentally sound. Here are 3 tips on how to be eco-friendly—and how ROC can help!

1. Power down when you’re done. One of the simplest ways we can cut down on energy use is by reducing unneeded electricity. It’s as easy as turning off the lights when you leave a conference room or your office. Try to not leave project screens and TVs on for any longer than you need them, and make sure to turn your computer completely off when you’re done for the day. And at ROC, we make saving electricity even easier with motion-sensor and timed lighting systems.

2. Cut down on commute. The number one environmental threat to be addressed at COP21 was climate change. While entire countries will now adhere to carbon emission regulations, you can also commit to this effort. Long car commutes are just as bad for the planet as they are for your own happiness, so make a win-win decision by biking to work a few times a week. It’s active, eco-friendly, and ROC proudly offers bikes for your convenience. We also support local farmers markets near our office centers and encourage our communities to go local, which helps to cut down the carbon emissions that it takes to transport products.

3.  Reuse and recycle. At ROC, we invest in our sustainable resources by providing convenient, clean kitchens that have dishwashers and reusable mugs. Rather than buying a new cup of coffee every time, cut down on waste creation and pick up a reusable mug for your refill. We also offer reusable water bottles, as well as recycling bins in every office.

To learn more about how to go green at ROC, contact Cameron McElroy at cameron@realofficecenters.com.


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