Eat Sleep Fly ROC: How Mark Robinson Turned a Passion Into a Successful and Newsworthy Business

A few years ago, Mark Robinson was flying a Goodyear blimp in Carson, California.  Now, with the help of Real Office Centers and a passion for aviation, he has seen his dreams take flight.

Robinson is founder and CEO of Revolution Aviation, a flight school that uses John Wayne Airport as its launch pad. He founded the business after discovering his passion for teaching flight on a whim at his old job.

“We started by meeting a student while I was flying the Goodyear Airship,” Robinson says. “He liked flying, and I loved teaching so we made the move!”

In addition to fulfilling his passion, Robinson’s decision to launch Revolution Aviation was also based on practical data points.

“Since the 1960’s, the number of certified pilots has been in a gradual decline, with approximately 1 in every 2,500 students a career pilot,” the company’s website reads. “Experts estimate that by 2020, there will be a record low number of pilots qualified to fly commercially. The introduction of drones and advanced technology in the cockpit also increases the demand for experienced and highly skilled aviators. With this idea in mind, Revolution Aviation was founded.”

When asked what sets Revolution Aviation apart from other flight schools in the area, Robinson points to the variety of services his school offers.

“We are the only school at John Wayne Airport that provides helicopter and fixed wing training,” he says.

Since its founding, Revolution Aviation has made the news several times: once for helping a local teen achieve her dreams of flying cross-country, and again this past summer for spotting sharks in Seal Beach.

“Yes, I was on NBC, ABC and OC Register a few times,” Robinson says. “It was cool because it’s not often you see sharks and when you do it’s a huge story, hopefully without anyone getting hurt. It was on a clear morning, and we always fly along the coast, so with a helicopter it makes it fairly easy to spot these sharks.”

Revolution Aviation’s tagline is “Eat Sleep Fly,” and its services include helicopter and fixed wing training, along with sightseeing tours, professional photo flights, special events, ashes-to-earth and more. Robinson and his team hope to someday expand their flight school into other geographical markets.

In addition to providing lessons at John Wayne Airport, Revolution Aviation also maintains office space at Real Office Centers’ Newport Airport location. Robinson and his team have found nothing but clear skies in their time with ROC.

“Working with ROC continues to be great,” he says. “The front office staff are very welcoming and helpful with our clients. It creates an environment to our customers of professional business and comfortable working environment. It automatically creates a fun business environment that allows you to conduct business in a professional manner.”

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