Ever Seen A ROC Fight? Real Office Chick Fight?

Half a Million Have and Growing-Check Out The VIRAL Video

On an average mid afternoon weekday two ordinary women engage in a completely epic ROC fight!

In this creative compilation, real chicks (stunt chicks, that is) get into an all out completely absorbing and entertaining brawl. If you’ve ever seen Family Guy, specifically the epic chicken fight segment, then you have a better idea of the parody. In this real life version, creativity and choreography are perfectly played in this “Epic Chick Fight Battle” sequence.

The video on You Tube was uploaded by Jessie Graff, who is a stuntwoman in the viral vixen battle which normal nerd meets sadistic steam punk and the battle is relentless. The corporate backdrop is a character, a defenseless main character that gets worked in the 5 minute video, courtesy of ROC, Real Office Centers. What kind of office (not a set) allows this type of shenanigans? The ROC offices of course, whose sole purpose is to service their clients whatever the need. If this video isn’t proof of that, what else can we do for you?*

*Expired coupons for chicken not included

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Don’t forget to share this with that chick you’re dating…or just broke up with! Check it out here…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v06KkVJVY0Q

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