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This past Father’s Day, ROC teamed up with apparel company fodada for some fun bonding activities between fathers and children. The events were a part of fodada’s “Dad & Me” program, an initiative that partners with companies, communities, and organizations all over the world to celebrate fathers and promote healthy family relationships. It’s just one of the ways fodada tries to uplift the dad—the entire company is geared, from its name to its business model, toward giving back.

The founder of fodada, Bobby, named the company after when his oldest son would bring him random objects and say, “fodada.” Through his humbling journey of fatherhood, Bobby realized the pivotal role that dads play in families. He started the company to give back to fathers, to create and support initiatives that would strengthen the father-child relationship in families.



fodada sells a variety of clothing, mostly graphic t-shirts, and frequently teams up with companies and organizations to provide them with their specialized gear. For every item purchased, fodada donates $1 toward a cause of the customer’s choice. They have also created several independent initiatives, including Dad & Me, that support fathers and families. Their involvements include self-defense courses for women and programs with penitentiary systems to set up activities that allow fathers to interact and bond with their children while serving sentences.

ROC had a chance to ask Bobby a few questions about fodada’s work. Check out the brief exchange below!




What made you start fodada?

A couple of key factors motivated me to launch fodada.

First, I wanted to leave a legacy for my children. One of taking risks for the right reason, allowing perspective change to be part of their assessment of opportunities and making sure that they incorporated giving into their lives whether it be personal or professional.

The second was this the incredible opportunity to leverage the role of dad to further lift families and communities.

Can you talk about the recent fodada events with ROC?

Through the fodada “Dad & Me” program arm, we wanted Father’s Day 2017 to be more than a day and something that we can extend both in time and value. By collaborating with community partners such ROC, we enlisted school, business, and organizations who believed the relationship between father and child to be integral and asked them to host an event whether it be fun, active, educational or service oriented. The events ranged from yoga to ice cream socials to STEM events.

Any similar upcoming events planned?

We have events happening on an ongoing basis in most states. They are usually communicated and promoted through the organization, but our corporate website also showcases some of the events and programs.

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