Free Professional Education: Expand Your Mind & Your Earnings

Expand your mind and expand your earnings. It’s a simple equation, by expanding your mind with free professional education; you are able to expand your earning potential. Think about this for just a moment, there are literally thousands of educational courses on line that are free, some of which even offer legit certifications from accredited Universities, with topics that range in every field, language and level just waiting to teach you whenever, wherever and about whatever you could possibly desire to know, need to know or are just curious about.

Did you think about this for a moment? If so and you’re still wondering how this applies to you, or how this increases/expands your earnings, let’s explore this a bit further.

If you have not yet had a chance to explore MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) through Open Culture or similar it is just one very popular source for a catalogue of over 800 university courses, many of which provide “Certificates/Statements of Completion”. In subject matters ranging from Economics and Engineering, to Philosophy and Religion both personal and professional education is literally free and a click away, as they say. Of course the general subject areas are broad yet with course titles such as “Technology in a Foreign Language” and “Financial Programming and Policies”, or “Sustainable Energy Innovation” and “Robot Mechanics and Control” there are some very niche and interesting courses offered from all over the globe. Even learning a new language is something anyone can attempt on their own schedule-did I mention this was free professional education?

Successful entrepreneurs are always adding new tools to their toolbox of skills and knowledge.

Dollars and Sense

In order to thrive in today’s business economy and not just go with the flow of your competition, a company or business owner must always be learning and adapting in order to grow and expand, not just in dollars but “sense”. Regardless of the level of formal education we bring to the workforce table, truly successful individuals never finish school or stop learning.

Udemy is another source for career and hobby oriented learning, some of the courses are free, many are priced reasonably, considering the potential return in satisfaction or income. For example the course “The $400K Crowdfunding Launch Formula” is regularly priced at $399. Often Udemy offers specials and coupons for their premium courses such as the crowdfunding class, the coursework is structured so you can do the entire thing in one day (with much caffeine) or just in your “spare” time, and according to commentary and reviews many have exceeded their goals through this program. Speed reading, photography, coding and programming, app design, and photography are just some of the classes that could be both considered personal and professional in value.

Reinventing education to be accessible to all as a basic human right is the mission of Udacity, another online course host whose programs began with a Stanford University experiment. Most of the courses are free, have certificates of completion, and are rated as ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’, and ‘Advanced’ skill levels on various professional subjects, such as “How to Build a Startup” by The Lean LaunchPad or “Software Debugging” and “Applied Cryptography” Science of Secrets.

Furthering your education for most has always been deterred by lack of money and/or time, even availability of a specific class-but now with these various open access classes to university quality education, done at your own pace, for a fraction of the unit cost, the biggest challenge becomes finding which one to start with.

Working out keeps your body in shape and on the top of your game, don’t forget that your brain is also a muscle that needs exercise!

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