Fruits of Our Labor

Proving they are much more than corporate office space for lease, part of the philosophy and culture at ROC (Real Office Centers) is not only to incubate and support entrepreneurship but also to inspire stewardship in the best Green Business practices and encourage leading by example in its dynamic staff. There is no shortage of incredibly talented individuals that make up the diverse group of people at ROC throughout Southern California that exhibit doing their part as an integral part of balance and happiness in life. We all know how good it feels when we have a productive and successful day at the office or in our business affairs; it is similar to the gratification received by doing something good. This deep satisfaction brings an inner happiness and provides greater fulfillment in life, which is a shared philosophy at the ROC offices.

As the Community Developer for ROC’s Santa Monica offices, Jamie McClung walks the talk and reaps the rewards. Her community development and involvement is more than a title and her innate ability to cultivate relationships extends beyond the corporate office space and onto the local streets of Santa Monica. For over two years, every Saturday morning, Jamie frequented and enjoyed her visits to the local Farmers Market. After hours of lingering, the idea struck her to translate this special treat into doing her part and becoming involved in any way possible. With her innate social abilities, un-tamable energy and magnetic personality, she approached her favorite vendor of some sweet and guilt free treats in the form of fresh and dried fruit from a local farm run by a “little old lady and her husband”. Jamie’s enthusiasm was undeniable and she was immediately brought on board to assist them with their fruit and nut sales. Now, Jamie happily gets her own hands dirty as a pleasant change of pace from the Monday through Friday corporate office environment and she gets to enjoy the fresh air. Getting some exercise in and breaking a sweat, every Saturday morning at the crack of dawn, she loads up the fruit directly from the farm located just 30 miles north, sets up the tent and displays at the Farmers Market, and is able to share one of her loves directly with the community.

“It’s a way for me to fulfill my love for the community of Santa Monica, maintain my naturally social nature, support locally grown food, and get my hands dirty!”- Jamie McClung, Community Developer @ ROC Santa Monica

By translating the things you enjoy doing into ways you can help, community service becomes pleasurable and makes sense for everyone. Helping within your own community should not be something that you are required to do or is offered out of moral obligation, but should make natural sense. Examining something that you love doing or already do (or a place you enjoy or visit frequently) will enable you to brainstorm opportunities to help or share your own talents and enjoy the fruits of your labor more completely.

Jamie McClung also participated in the recent 2013 Santa Monica Homeless Count, which is vital in addressing the issue of homelessness within each community and critical to formulating solutions for a positive change.

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