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Considering the fiercely competitive world of startups, gaining traction in the marketplace is easier said than done. Faced with a dizzying load of obstacles and setbacks, incubator and product commercialization firms can be indispensable for new companies. These firms are equipped with funding, expertise, and cool heads, and can often mean the difference between the next big hit and the forgotten flop.

ROC member Ravi Kondagunta, an accredited investor and member of the Maverick Angels, is one of these cool heads. His firm Traction Labs specializes in developing long-term products for new and established organizations alike.

If you’re curious about taking your developing project to the market or want to know more about Traction Labs, check out the short exchange between ROC and Ravi.

What is Traction Labs?

Traction Labs is a boutique Product Commercialization firm with a passion for helping organizations develop their long-term product pipeline.

We offer a customized Commercialization services platform designed to help organizations discover, design, plan and launch long-term applications for their technologies.

Who is Traction Labs?

In answering that, we first ask the question – what car or truck do you drive?

If it is a Ford or Hyundai, there is a high probability that our team had a strong influence in its place in the lineup, design, or evolution.

We are a team of experts with diverse skill sets and extensive background in Intrapreneurship within the Automotive Industry. I am an expert in Product Design, Strategy, and long-term planning. My Partner, John Williamson, is a Consumer Insights and Strategy expert. We have known each other for quite a while. John was one of the early pioneers in forming the Consumer Insights team at Ford. I was in R&D and was responsible for translating those insights into product solutions (cars).

In forming Traction Labs, we bring that corporate experience to the Innovation world. We have developed this Commercialization Services platform that can help companies, large and small, develop a sustainable long-term product plan.

What is Traction Labs up to?

Established in 2014, we have been growing steadily.

We have clients from start-up world where we have an invested portfolio of over $250K (and a worth of ~ 8x that).

We are offering our services to Intrapreneurs at established Fortune 500 clients such as Ford and GM, helping them develop, validate and grow their long-term product roadmap.

Our pipeline for 2017 and beyond is exciting. We are working on a Commercialization Accelerator here at ROC, as well.

We also have a few initiatives focused on educating the community, and helping highlight local entrepreneurs.

  • Traction Tuesdays – is a monthly event on the 3rd Tuesday focused on discussing innovation trends, sharing insights focused on a particular technology.
  • OCNewTech Chowdown – coming in May, we will bring this unique forum to SoCal. It is a monthly luncheon and an opportunity for Start-ups to pitch their ideas to the community, get real-time feedback and connect with mentors. Lunch followed by 10 pitches in 30 minutes, and a live vote – winner gets a $10 Starbucks card. That will be fun!!

Any quotes on your experience working from ROC? 

 Simple – ROC is the best co-working space in Southern California. Ron, Pat and the team here have developed a platform that is second to none. Spend some time here and you will know what I am talking about.


To connect with Traction Labs, head over to their newly relaunched website!

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