The Genius Behind the Justmoji: How Kapps Media is Embracing the Visual Communication Craze

On September 13 of this year, millions of people around the world work up to life-changing — or at least day-changing — news: the new iPhone operating system had arrived. iOS 10 brought many updates to the iPhone user experience, but the most buzzed-about change was a broad expansion of the iMessage app to include stickers, GIFs and more.

One Real Office Centers community member is especially poised to benefit from this change.

“Culturally, we are seeing a shift back to the days of cave drawings and hieroglyphics as emoji, stickers and pictures are used as communication methods,” says Rick Sorkin, CEO of Kapps Media. “The world’s biggest entertainers and brands now have a way to communicate directly with their fans and consumers. We saw an opportunity to lead the charge with best-in-class technology and art.”

Kapps Media, which is located at ROC’s Santa Monica office, creates custom iMessage and keyboard apps for entertainers, athletes, brands and more. The company takes the advantage of the current popularity of image-based communication (think Emojis and GIFs) and uses it to help celebrities and brands connect to their fans in a more personal and immersive way. “Messaging dominates mobile engagement,” Sorkin says. “Everyone reads a text, which is different than an email, or a social media post.”


Serving as CEO for Kapps Media is a clear fit for Sorkin, who has previously worked with marketing and branding heavy-hitters like WhoSay Inc. and 360i.

“My career has been squarely at the intersection of digital media and entertainment for years,” he says. “Keyboard apps were a natural progression for me in terms of productizing the work I have done with celebrities and brands on the strategy and content side of things.”

So far, Kapps has created custom work for big names like Justin Bieber, Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas, and Eva Longoria. The company works with celebrities and brands to create high quality images, video, audio GIFs, memes and keyboards.

Justmoji, the Justin Bieber emoji board that Kapps released this past June, received a fair amount of press attention, including a praising piece from Vogue.

 “It’s redefined the celebrity emoji genre,” the article reads. “The 22-year-old’s keyboard is a whimsical mix of cartoon drawings, graphics, and GIFs that express more than words ever could. Instead of asking my friends ‘What do you mean?’ now I can send a quizzical Justmoji.”

Only time will tell what other delightful pop culture innovations Kapps Media will introduce to the world in the future. In the meantime, Sorkin and his team are enjoying the ROC life.

“The location is incredible,” Sorkin says about the Santa Monica ROC office. “Being able to operate in the center of Silicon Beach without having to take on the burden of all overhead has been fantastic. The people are knowledgeable and friendly, and I would (and do) recommend ROC to colleagues in all sorts of fields.”

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