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Fireside Chat with the electric bike co-founder Don DiCostanzo

The awesome machine of invention that is K5Launch, addressed Entrepreneurs on the issue of branding, the invaluable quality of customer service and taking their products globally. If you are not familiar with K5 Launch, they are Southern California’s biggest start-up incubator, providing funding and mentoring opportunities in 3 ½ month windows by refining and implementing product launch and distribution. Real Office Centers recently hosted another one of their enlightening Fireside chats, this time with Don DiCostanzo, the co-founder of Pedego, which currently has product distribution in over 40 countries. The innovative electric bicycle product from Pedego is just one of the highly successful ventures in which Don DiCostanzo has participated in and facilitated, making for a million dollar opportunity to glean information for a nominal cost and a good time. During his presentation at the trendy Newport ROC building, Mr. DiCostanzo shared an array of personal experiences. Stressing the importance of customer service from the end users perspective was a significant theme and how loyalty and value are increased by emphasizing this critical facet of business. Thinking big, yet remaining personal seems to be a key element in brand reputation and growth. Discussions during this event also addressed the challenge of maintaining quality with manufacturing overseas and maintain control while navigating cultural differences successfully.

Along with the chance to rub elbows, ask questions and mingle with a host of Investors and mentors in attendance was an opportunity to pitch ideas to the audience and a select panel of judges for a chance to win Microsoft products and watches from Pedego. The ‘Pitch to Win’ contest is an opportunity for Entrepreneurs to take advantage of the stage in front of K5Launch and a host of potential investors. After a total of 8 quality pitches during the evening, the winner of the grand prize was for the app Kadho!, which is essentially a children’s learning game(s) application focusing on hearing development created by Dhonam & Kaueh of UC Irvine. A compelling young 16 year old stand-out named Sterling stepped up and bravely made a pitch worthy of recognition by all, uplifting the entire crowd as well as his own proud mother in attendance.

Mixing and mingling of like minded, inspired and successful individuals on the cutting edge of the future is the core benefit of the Fireside Chat experience. After the Main Presentation with Don DiCostanzo and the Pitch to Win Contest, a refined display of wine, grapes, cheese and crackers were offered in true first class ROC style.

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