Getting on that Entrepreneur Community Grind in Honolulu

As nearly anyone involved with Real Office Centers will likely tell you, one of the most important tools a technology entrepreneur or startup can have is a solid community of collaborators. That’s the bedrock that ROC was built on, and it’s what ROC community member Helen Cho is putting into practice with Startup Grind Honolulu.

Startup Grind is a national network of communities that seeks to unify different startups and tech entrepreneurs, giving them both the skills and inspiration to keep working toward their passions. All communities come together once each year for a big conference, and Real Office Centers is a sponsor of the Honolulu chapter.

Startup Grind Honolulu is one of over 200 chapters spread out across the world. It was first launched by Helen Cho, a strategy and culture consultant whose work revolves around renewable energy, medical cannabis and technology startups. Before moving to Honolulu, she worked for The Economist during the Bejing Olympics.

14449946_1280068385338294_8550690718673500577_nTo date, Startup Grind Honolulu has had three events: one with Sutanto Widjaja from the Berkeley Angel Network, another with Poni and Brandon Askew, the creative minds behind Makers & Tasters, Street Grindz, Eat the Street, and other culinary projects, and another with speaker Evan Leong about giving back to the community as entrepreneurs, which also included a Jeffersonian Dinner, where support for the local small business ecosystem was discussed.

“We believe that passionate, local entrepreneurs are the key to creating a sustainable future,” the Askews say on Startup Grind Honolulu’s website. “Getting there takes ingenuity, hard work, and risk-taking. Our mission is to do everything we can to help them succeed. Hawaii was once a model of abundance. Its lands and oceans were full of all that anyone could ever want or need. We are passionate about building systems of abundance, starting right here in Hawaii where our ancestors perfected it.”

“Startup Grind Honolulu’s next event will be in January with speaker Casey Lau and will be tied into the East Meets West Conference,” says Helen Cho. “It’ll hold a special pitch event where local companies will compete to pitch at the main conference. It’s kind of a big deal for Startup Paradise.”

If you are a ROC Honolulu community member and are interested in learning more about Startup Grind Honolulu, be sure to check out its Meetup page. It could provide the great collaborative, challenging environment that you’ve been looking for.

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