Girl Power: Women in the Workforce

It is true: women in the workforce have come a long way. My grandmother was a woman in the workforce, a teacher with a strong work ethic who renewed her teaching credential until she was past 80. For her it held a title to something more than being a mother and a housewife. Since her time as a woman in the workforce, secretaries have become Administrative Assistants and the opportunities for employment extend far beyond waitress, secretary, flight attendant, and teacher for today’s thriving female sector.

The largest aspect that has plagued women in the workforce is finding balance between family and career. Juggling multiple obligations is a genetic trait for most women, along with an element of tact and an eye for design. While not all women in the workforce possess these inherent abilities, there is certainly a need for these skills in the workplace. Women are notoriously great communicators and often occupy positions which utilize this skill such as in Human Resources and Marketing but overall the asset of effective and diplomatic communications is priceless.

In a Fortune 500 study of women in the workforce that hold important positions in larger corporations, such as members of the board, the results show a steady (slow) incline in seats since 1995 rising 7% while the financial board positions have more than doubled. Anti-discrimination laws in Norway require 40% female presence on the board of public corporations. Here is the United States, change in key Senior Corporate or Officer Positions held by women have crept up 3.7%, which shows an apprehensive yet consistent climb.

The simple fact is that there are qualified intelligent and talented ladies out there in the 46.6% of the labor force (2011) that have wide ranging abilities. In a CNBC interview Penny Frohling of Booz. And Co. observed, “As the world economy grows and develops, countries cannot afford to ignore over 50 percent of their talent pool. “ With the invention and application of technology that allows us to be working from wherever, whenever, the time division women formerly had to negotiate has been virtually eliminated. Regardless of gender the virtual workplace is here and makes sense for just about anyone.

The International Women’s Leadership Exchange is an organization that tailors services to women entrepreneurs offering networking events, seminars, and guidance from “Growth Guru’s”. Southern California has over 40 supporting organization that branch off from their offered services connecting everyone from Asian Entrepreneurs and Moms by offering personalized assistance and services. The presence of power house females is undeniable. Chic CEO is an expansive online resource dedicated to females in the workforce that has a wide range of free or minimal costing tools designed for a ladies advantage. Hera Hub based in San Diego specializes in coworking and collaboration office space for women and has deemed this working environment the future of the workplace.

The need for coworking space and the benefits of collaboration in this environment are growing in popularity and availability. Finding balance and inspiration for women in the workforce becomes readily available in this environment by fulfilling the human need for social interaction in a targeted environment of professionalism, not just around the water cooler.

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