Go Gumball!


Don’t underestimate the gumball. This fun little snack has been an American staple since the early 20th century, and is probably one of the most recognizable candies in the world. If you take a moment, you’ll realize that they are everywhere—arcades, beaches, shopping malls, grocery stores, auto shops, retail stores, hotels, and even restaurants. It’s no surprise then, that the little gumball accounts for a significant chunk of the multi-million-dollar vending machine industry.

But credit where it’s due—the gumball is only the gumball because of the gumball machine. Everyone remembers the experience of putting a quarter into the slot, twisting the metal handle, watching the ball make its spiraling journey down, and then lifting the metal flap as the gum rolled out onto their hand. It’s almost impossible to walk away from one of those machines as a child, and surprisingly difficult as an adult. The best part is that this iconic, worldwide business is fun, and only costs the customer pocket change.









If you want to break into the gumball game, gumball.com is where you start. They are the original internet wholesaler of gumballs, bulk candy, and vending machine products, and have remained family owned and operated since 1993. Browsing through their site is like walking through a museum. There are hundreds of different vending machines, including crane vending machines, snack and soda machines, and a machine that dispenses bouncy balls through a game of pinball.

Whether you’re trying to make some serious passive income by establishing a vending empire, or just want to spice up your small business, gumball.com can suit your needs. Even if you aren’t in the market for a new gumball machine, it’s still pretty fun to look through their inventory.

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