Green Looks Good On You, ROC!

Real Office Centers in Santa Monica is celebrating a huge honor and accomplishment in being designated as one of just a few businesses in Santa Monica as being Green Certified through their Green Business Program. The requirements of becoming certified are industry specific, as is appropriate, and checklists for Offices, Restaurants or Grocers and Motels or Hotels are slightly different yet cover every aspect of conducting business. For ROC, the certification process was not about changing the way they do business, more like being acknowledged for the way they already do it, and are devoted advocates of the best green business practices.

Doing business with the environment, both local and global in mind is part of the business philosophy of ROC and its office centers located throughout Southern California. Each of ROC’s 6 locations throughout Southern California all have their own green certification programs underway which vary by city. For the Santa Monica location becoming a Green Certified Business involved an initial assessment and follow up analysis in order to determine if there were areas in need of improvement. The categories analyzed by the Santa Monica Green Business Program included reduction of Waste, possible pollution by use of chemicals or run off contributors, analyzing energy efficiency, water reduction, eco friendly and local purchasing, as well as transportation management. Besides the obvious cost savings earned by operating a green business, which ROC would not have any other way, they now have a green badge of honor to wear proudly.

Part of ROC’s business includes ecoROC which is devoted specifically to being a steward of environmental awareness and responsible business practices. With education and support in providing an example and platform for their tenants, ROC is able to promote their sustainable business model on a larger capacity. Being a Green Business is not just about receiving the designation and certification, but it a long term commitment to be monitored and receive on-site “check-ups”. For ROC Santa Monica, the visits will be more like opportunities to show their true colors, green all the way!

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