Happy to Work… In San Diego That Is!

Now that we are halfway through the fiscal year it’s time to ditch predictions and analyze the real data. Despite the unemployment rate in San Diego being at just under 8% you can be reassured that the instability in our economy has not phased our strongest industries and prominent companies, where there is evidence of resilient and continued growth throughout the county. Not only have billion-dollar companies made San Diego their anchor to conduct business from, but there is an appreciation factor involved, relating to the Mediterranean climate and lifestyle present in San Diego. Making San Diego even more desirable to work in, besides continued growth, many of the companies have also made the CNN Money’s Top 100 Places to Work List again for 2013 and in many cases improved their ranking.

According to CNN Money’s report making the list of top 100 companies to work for included: Scripps Health, Nordstrom Inc., Hitachi, offices of DPR Construction and Intuit as well as Qualcomm of course, who increased its previous years rank of number 23 to number 11 and reflected a 17.5% job growth. Over time and through a recession San Diego is proving itself to be fertile grounds for growth. Setting up shop in San Diego for start-ups or major corporations is an observable obviously easy decision: it is a sustainable community and economy. Standing out as a major city on the global map, with the presence of military and healthcare, universities and attractions, there are innumerable reasons to feel safe, taken care of and limitless opportunities to be entertained.

Honestly what does make an employee happy besides working in a beautiful setting with choices of beach or city skyline, foothills and urban forests? Is it even possible to be truly happy at work? Perhaps it’s about doing something important as a job and making a difference. It could even be as simple as being taken seriously, treated with respect and appreciated in the workplace. Respecting that we are all human beings with a life outside of work (usually) and having appropriate time off is definitely part of the happiness equation. Often time off or flextime positively affects productivity, not only our devices need to recharge. Having fun isn’t always an option while working, but there is certainly opportunity for it on occasions. Having a sense of humor is helpful not only in life, but at work, using this skill appropriately can be an invaluable asset to making everyday a more like Friday!

It may be more expensive operating your business out of San Diego than Texas say, as a few companies have recently chosen relocation to the Lone Star state, but there is little doubt where the potential employees and clients temperature is more accommodating throughout the entire year. The investment made in selecting San Diego as a location for operation is often immediately recouped by the production of happy employees. Taking advantage of the location you choose to operate in and recognizing that your employees also chose to live there (outside of work) seems to result in better performance overall and making for a great place to live and work.

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