Hastings & Pleadwell: Local and National PR for The Women’s March on Washington

After a divisive election that left many marginalized groups feeling particularly threatened, the Women’s March on Washington is sending a message to D.C.—that women’s rights are human rights, and that “We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.”

Though the epicenter of the March will take place in D.C., the origins of the idea trace back to Hawaii, where retired attorney Theresa Shook created a Facebook event that went viral. Just a few nights after sharing her event with friends, it had reached almost 200,000 people. Today, the March has over 200 sister marches established, spanning 30 countries. Over a half million marchers have registered online.

Perhaps the popularity of the March is due to its spirit of unity, instead of its promotion of difference. Shook says that the event is not an anti-Trump rally— “It’s a friendly march. It’s a march of aloha. It’s a march to empower women, to let them speak their voice.” Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and Nonvoters are all openly welcomed.

Hastings & Pleadwell, a PR and communications company working out of ROC’s Honolulu office, is gladly assisting with the the local and national PR of the Women’s March. In fact, the company is so supportive of the March that they decided to work pro bono. “We are over the moon to be a part of it,” they said.

H&P was one of the first businesses to set up in the Honolulu office, and have enjoyed building their relationship with ROC. “Hastings & Pleadwell is celebrating two decades in business. ROC Honolulu has been a great environment for us to enter into our third decade,” said Barbra An Pleadwell, H&P partner.

“We and our clients appreciate the vibe and the fresh, beautiful restaurants recently opened downstairs; Our employees enjoy the community. As Hawaii’s core financial, business and cultural district grows, we are happy to be part of the renaissance of the area extending into Chinatown,” said Pleadwell, “This is the location and feel we were after from the time we moved our business out of our homes years ago.”


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