Healthy, Happy and Productive

Having your office in Santa Monica, California, is an obvious statement that you most likely care about your health, that you are active, and that you care about your community. You probably bike to work. ROC Santa Monica fully supports this unique and diverse group of entrepreneurs who also go surfing together in the morning, hiking together on the weekends and push each other to play a game of pick up basketball on their lunch breaks. We are start-up tech nerds by day, yogis by night.

ROC has a great community that encourages health and wellness. We work directly with gyms and fitness groups to make sure our members get to experience the classes our surrounding gyms have to offer by handing our free passes. Want to try yoga for the first time? Just ask the girls up front and we will send you in the right direction.

The local Santa Monica Farmers Market is an added benefit to our location on 6th and Arizona. The Wednesday market is the largest Farmers Market in the NATION and encourages the community to come together. Our members do their weekly grocery shopping on their lunch breaks and ROC shops for fresh fruits and veggies for our weekly Wednesday Juice Days, hosted by our in-house nutritionist, Olivia Janisch. You can find her juicing with our members on our rooftop overlooking the heart of Santa Monica while networking and blasting some good music.

ROC’s Community Developer, Jamie McClung, works at the Farmers Market selling fruit on the weekends, encouraging our emphasis on health and wellness for members who take time to visit her on the weekends with their families.

Our community here is so tight and unique that members have started putting together their own wellness programs within the diverse group of businesses. Business Rockstars, who have a radio show highlighting up and coming entrepreneurs has a group hike every Sunday open to our members.

ROC’s operations manager, Kristina Calumpong, arranges a team hiking group every Saturday, inviting each of our members to join her. She gathers people to drive up to 3 hours out of Santa Monica for some of the best hikes in California.

Our Sales Manager, Amy Wyman, is a certified yoga instructor who is the heart of our Health and Wellness program. She is always encouraging people to be happy and healthy and you can find her greeting clients in “Tree Pose”.

ROC is a Green Sustainable organization and are proud to have accepted awards 2 years in a row for our efforts. Members look forward to coming to work every day for the happy, healthy and productive work environment we provide here for you!

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