Heavy Duty Delivery Just Got a Lot Easier: How a ROC member is bringing on-demand to delivery

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The idea for Orange County startup bringpro came from a simple problem that needed to be solved.

One of the company’s founders was shopping for a new television, but found that delivery options were very limited. Faced with the options of renting a truck or requesting help from a friend, the founder wished there was a cleaner, simpler, and more professional way to handle this dilemma.

Enter bringpro, an on-demand delivery service that cofounder Joe Carter calls “an Uber for stuff,” which users can access online, or by downloading the app.

Carter and the other founders began market testing analysis in late 2014, and were met with positive results.

“Everyone who was asked the question, ‘What do you think about this kind of service’ gave an overwhelming response: ‘What a great idea. I wish I had thought of that!’” says Carter.

The business works by allowing customers to place requests for a delivery truck with two professional, properly licensed drivers to help transport new purchases and other large items. The drivers even provide placement and assembly if desired.

“New opportunities come to us every day,” says Carter, “because we are creating a market and people are still discovering new reasons to why use us.”

Currently, bringpro limits its services to Orange County, but Carter and his team plan to expand to other nearby counties soon. Much of bringpro’s business so far comes from referrals from friends and sales associates. Making its purpose clear to consumers can still be a hurdle for the company.

“Our goal is to delight our customers by understanding their needs and providing a service that elevates their experience to the highest level,” Carter says. “The concept of on-demand delivery is still new to the public, so the greatest challenge has been to help them understand that they can get the delivery when they want it simply by requesting our service when they want it, rather than having to schedule in advance.”

bringpro calls the Newport Beach location of Real Office Centers its home. Carter finds the arrangement much more rewarding than a traditional office setting.

“Being in an environment that caters to startup companies and young successful businesses provides us with a great atmosphere to concentrate our efforts,” he says. “ROC really caters to their clients, which helps us to remember to get up, move around and socialize. It’s a great environment, and great employees who make it happen.”

Carter hopes that the combination of convenient service, urgent problem solving, professional driving and appropriate certification will help bringpro continue to bring new ideas to the on-demand service market.

“Our future vision is that the service we provide will be very broad and will impact our customers on a variety of levels,” he says. “This will be a constantly evolving market as we become a more ‘want it now’ society. Our goal is to be on the forefront of those changes, and to be creating the innovation before it becomes the norm.”

In need of on-demand delivery in Orange County? Check out bringpro’s online services, or download the app!

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