Hecho en Mexico

In Southern California a trip to Mexico is part of everyday life, most people in the region have at least been across the border on occasion(s), for vacation, medical assistance or even affordable gifts, pottery, etc. According to a November 2012 article in The Economist , Mexico is projected to be supplying the majority of our imported goods more so than any other country by the year 2018. Taking notice of the progressively evolving infrastructure, security enhancements, educational support and standards as well as business opportunities that exist in Mexico, ROC is eagerly looking to further explore this shift in practices. On a recent visit to Mexico City, Angel Redondo, in charge of Environmental Integration for ROC (Real Office Centers) who has traveled extensively abroad, immediately confirmed these transformations that include steady social and economic growth.

Owner and CEO of ROC, Ron McElroy and Angel Redondo traveled to Mexico in February (2013) and took a tour of the impressive Tec Monterey campus where English was spoken fluently. While meeting with the Director of the Research and Entrepreneurial division, Rafael Lorenzo Piñon, in order to explore and compare how the young entrepreneurs there and the support they require for their endeavors. Tec Monterey is a unique campus that focuses on working with start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures assisting in developing and commercializing their concepts and products. Winners of the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Challenge, Ulises Garcia and Robert Zelonka hail from the campus and have created a revolutionary sofa design that can be used in stimulating Autistic children. Igancio Tovar and Tofi Buzali are also students at the Tec Monterey campus, are part of the elite Stanford exchange student program, participated in the 2012 Stanford Owners Program and are impressively in charge of this year’s annual Global Entrepreneurship Week that occurs around the world each November. Over 100 countries participate in the GEW (Global Entrepreneurship Week) participating in over 30,000 events such as Global Cleantech Open, Start-up Weekend, and the Hunger Project, and the event continues to grow since its inception in 2007.

In order to future promote, nurture and provide a platform for young entrepreneurs globally ROC is exploring ways to assist entrepreneurial programs throughout Mexico and South America. Alan Esless and Jose Jafif, two bright young Real Estate entrepreneurs who met with ROC while in Mexico, were very excited and optimistic in exploring the development of the ROC concept throughout Mexico and Latin America. By working directly with universities, such as the Tec Monterey campus, and the invigorated youth in Mexico, ROC has begun its international journey in providing its unique approach to corporate office space in order to support a brighter future of tomorrow.

In April 2013 ROC will be meeting with Alan Esless and Jose Jafif to further continue developing and cultivating their partnership and alliance in assisting young entrepreneurs throughout Central and South America, beginning with a tour of the ROC facilities in Santa Monica.

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