Holiday Office Party And The New Big Bash Theory

The great news is that holiday office parties are back in! Over half of all companies will throw holiday parties this year, up from last year when bonuses and holiday office parties were largely skipped due to financial constraints. This year we gratefully say goodbye to the Scrooge and embrace the power of the social business world we live and work in today. Besides the obvious rules of etiquette, like not drinking or saying too much, the formula for making a memorable holiday party event needs to be updated.

The New Big Bash Theory: Event=Memorable+Constructive2

There are a bunch of great corporate event planning ideas from the formal to relaxed and for any price range available on the internet to get you some good general party planning ideas. So besides the décor, food and drinks, the two most important parts of the company party plan should be how to make it memorable and how to get the most out of it (squared).

Savvy business owners view this time of year as an opportunity to reward employees, have a little fun and a chance to jump-start your business.

The State of Corporate Holiday Parties found that the effect of the seasonal company party benefited employees and co-workers morale in the following way:

  • 75% felt better friendship

  • 71% Improved office culture

  • 67% Improved team building

  • 18% Increased productivity overall

Besides the undeniable benefit to employees (cash bonuses aside), it’s also a great opportunity to make a huge impact with potential clients, improve vendor relationships, network and meet the people you work with face to face. Making a point to give your undivided attention, make a new connection, or reinforce and strengthen existing business connections is priceless and can be done-at the company holiday office party.

JFK & Jackie Christmas
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Making the party memorable doesn’t mean ice sculptures and fire jugglers, although both are quite memorable, any budget can and should tailor their party to the guests and honor the company.

To make your holiday office party fun, memorable, interactive and get the most out of it, think up a hashtag for it, share it on the invitations and incorporate it into the decorations and party favors.

Despite what you may believe, having a hashtag for your event is not trendy, its simply a great way to combine all conversations and experiences from the event into one place. Encouraging people to contribute by taking pictures, sending notes and sharing during and after the event the effect is maximized. Face it, everyone likes pictures of themselves, get tagged, or to see their names published, so likely everyone in attendance will eagerly check if they were featured after the fact, making the event last longer and reap the greatest benefit from your holiday office party this year!

  • Have a plan

  • Be unique and personable

  • Bring your manners and breath mints

  • Limit yourself on food and beverages

  • Follow up with new acquaintances

  • Share Event Photos and Media Via Hashtag for the event (#makeitlast)

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