How To Make, Keep And Grow A Million Dollars In Business

Everyone loves to daydream about how they would spend millions of dollars if they won the lottery and there is a realistic chance of your ticket having the right number combination from a possible 259 million number combinations (for tonight’s largest MegaMillions drawing ever), but unfortunately it’s also likely you’ll be back at work on Wednesday. Of course there are some other creative ways to make your first million such as making an app, selling e-books, or going viral with a video or song, but those odds aren’t the best either. Luck, lottery and lucid dreaming aside, it is much more realistic (and rewarding) if you actually make your millions with your business. Not just make a million, but keep and grow a million dollars.

Get Rich and Stay Rich, How To Make Keep And Grow A Million Dollars

Most of us know it’s easier to lose a million than win a million dollars. Yet despite the banks freezing solid, in the business world it’s never been easier to raise and earn money. Of course nobody can guarantee that you will be able to keep it or make it grow, but opportunities are right at your fingertips. Crowdfunding, angel investing, mentorship, entrepreneurial programs and grants, venture capital access, even free higher education are widely available and provide opportunities to everyone with a great business plan and a million dollar smile.

Your smile alone will not guarantee your success, but your face, ownership, branding, support and alliances are all part of the first impression your business makes to the world. These elements, along with the quality of your business (and/or product) will not only guarantee you your first million, but keep your business growing and the profits soaring.

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Photo Credit:By Studio publicity still.Wikiwatcher1 at en.wikipedia [Public domain], Fred Astaire, “Never Get Rich”

There are between 9-11 million millionaires in the United States.

A million dollars is a great thing to have but is not really that much money for a company. Easy come, easy go. Earning your first million may be relatively easy, but it is just a start. Besides buying that lottery ticket today you have work to do, so here are the main pieces of advice most successful entrepreneurs agree on to make, keep and grow your first million in business.

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  • Ignore it, move on and up.

  • Invest in talented people.

  • Don’t spend money on luxuries for yourself.

  • Keep plugging away, learn to embrace criticism.

  • Have a plan and clear strategy with real goals.

  • Pretend you are still a start-up, even if you’re not.

  • Put your talents (and others) out there and be honest.

Just in case you are playing the lottery; good luck, break a leg, god speed, may the force be with you, knock ’em dead, and most importantly, for Plan B, a quote by Thomas Edison, “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets planning.”

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