How to Make Your Company A Part of a Global Community


The importance of being a business who supports all types of communities

Real Office Centers is about a lot more than giving companies and individuals a place to work. Through our efforts in Mexico, Molokai, and Southern California, we seek to redefine what corporate involvement looks like in a community. As we often say, there are much more important things in life than the contents of your bank account.

Loma Bonita, Mexico

Admittedly, ROC’s initial interest in the Loma Bonita area was profit-driven — we thought the idyllic coastal area would make an excellent resort location. But once we immersed ourself in the local culture, we realized that the true richness of the area could be found in the people themselves.

The people of Loma Bonita did not have a lot of material wealth or access to education, but they did have welcoming spirits and a willingness to share their way of life.

Soon after becoming acquainted with the community, ROC sponsored a local soccer team. Today, we have built a school, paved roads, installed electricity, dug septic tanks, paved residential lots, and built churches and houses in the area. We have also hired many locals to work on our premises.

Seeing Loma Bonita resident Maria walking her two young daughters to school everyday — an opportunity they otherwise might not have — is worth more than any money we might make with a resort.

Molokai, Hawaii

Many native Hawaiians see Molokai as the last remaining island that has not been completely engulfed in the wave of Americanization. Big developers recognize this as well, and are constantly trying to make their mark on the island.

Local resistance to mass development has not played well politically, and Molokai residents are being punished with the highest electricity and fertilizer prices in the nation. These dangerously high costs are threatening the island’s chances of continuing to exist sustainably.

Eco ROC, our environmental offices, is working to give residents electricity at a third of its current cost, and restore the fertilizer price back down to the national average. We are currently striving to find a balance between natural environment, social well-being, and the growing economy.


Los Angeles-based nonprofit Chrysalis provides resources for homeless, low-income and previously incarcerated people with the aim of helping them find employment and become self-sufficient. ROC is proud to partner with Chrysalis by hosting career programs, and even hiring individuals referred to us by the organization.

Before coming to work for ROC, Randall Haro was incarcerated for 26 years. Today, he is a successful and well-liked janitorial and events setup employee. He hopes to assist with security in the future.

“It’s a great place,” Haro says about ROC. “The people are kind, and I appreciate that very much.”

Through these three efforts and others, ROC lives our philosophy of rising to the occasion, striving for the best, and exceeding expectations. We believe that giving back to our community defines who we are, and we encourage everyone in our community to live by that belief.

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