Hump Day No More, It’s PUMP Day: ROC Introduces “Juice Wednesdays”

Get Juiced With “Juice Wednesdays” at ROC

Wednesday is no longer hump day it’s PUMP day at ROC! ROC Santa Monica recently started, “Juice Wednesdays” which offers its tenants farmers market- to- desk, handpicked and handmade juice blends, all created by Amy Wyman, as she describes in the brief video explaining “Juice Wednesdays” at ROC Santa Monica. (You can view the video by clicking the link provided or visiting the ROC Video Page)

juicing for life
Photo:US Air Force, Sr. Airman Megan Stanton,Public Domain

Welcoming Wednesday!

Goodbye Hump Day, Hello Pump Day

juicing for life
Photo courtesy:By Tony Bailey CC-BY-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday morning starts at the crack of dawn for Amy. She’s no different than an attentive and meticulous chef, arriving at the Farmers Market in Santa Monica (located on Arizona Street) as they open and are setting up, to peruse, inspect, smell, squeeze and pick large quantities of local fruits and vegetables.

Her eyes scan the booths for seasonal delights, along with the staples of fruits and vegetables she regularly purchases, in volume! Her cell phone shopping list reveals why she needs the company of Cameron McElroy, not just for inspiration and pleasant company, but to help transport the natural bounty back to the kitchen break room at ROC Santa Monica, which is just a short walk from the expansive Farmers Market in Santa Monica.

This particular visit her list includes 15 lbs. of apples, 12 lbs. of carrots, 10 lbs of oranges and grapefruits , a pound of lemons, limes, ginger, beets and seasonal selections, like for this harvest a pumpkin and cinnamon are on the list.

juicing for life
Juicing Fuels the Body and Mind
By Agricultural Research Service ([1]) Public domain

Juicing has gained popularity for the variety of health benefits fresh fruits and vegetables provide. Juicing is a way to consume large amounts of fruits and veggies, even ones we don’t normally like, but when juiced it’s undetectable and surprisingly delicious. Getting the proper servings of fruits and vegetables in our diets takes concerted effort and can be difficult, depending on where you live and what produce is available, juicing is one tasty way to supplement your diet.

The proof is evident, coming from people that have started a juicing regimen, say that the side effects include glowing skin, thick shiny hair, lustrous nails, even weight loss or weight stabilization.

Even better since on Wednesdays the juices are made on the spot, they are live juices, meaning the natural antioxidants and enzymes are still buzzing around. Bottled or processed juices bought in the stores are not bad for you, but they have been pasteurized for optimum life, a process which ends up killing the precious vitamins and minerals our bodies need.

ROC may be the first to put the coffee pot away and break out the juicer on Wednesdays, but certainly not the last, as the trend for corporate juicing is growing like wildflowers across the state of California.

Providing clean energy and stimulating inspiration and innovation, are just part of the the reasons ROC is so supportive of this free program started at ROC Santa Monica. When you feel good, you look good and when you look energetic and healthy, its nothing short of contagious and magnetic, two qualities that lead to success in business, not just Wednesday, but every day!

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