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Wi-fi should be accessible (and free) everywhere. Charging stations should not require you to be chained to the wall. We should all be fully connected and fully charged, all of the time, without being confined or tethered. Always on top of the innovation curve, ROC has just installed a wireless charging feature, in the form of art, more specifically art by Kaleo in the newly unveiled a large wall mural at ROC @ TheVine OC , this is the 4th ROC location to be christened with his artistic and charged touch.

“Power, dynamism, inspiration, conversation, hatching the chrysalis of brilliant ideas and breakthroughs, freedom of thought ” are all included themes in the latest mural called “Science, Power, Pop” Kaleo told me in a recent conversation about his colorful artistic endeavors. Coming from a prismatic background himself, rooted with Hawaiian elementalism, Kaleo’s art is striking, full of energy, and the first of its kind to meld a rebellious free form, like street art, inside corporate America with a modernized, intelligent juxtaposing. A smart art he hopes will resonate as both timelessly relevant and endlessly inspirational. See Kaleo in action and creating in this video!

“With color one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft.” Henri Matisse

ROC first commissioned Kaleo to feature selections from his highly recognizable and popular “Positive Pop” collection which feature soda labels re-invented with positive messages such as “Enjoy Consciousness” (Coca-Cola), “Mediate Daily” (Mountain Dew) and “7 billion of Us” (7 Up). After more than 20 surfaces (tables and desks) were installed in Santa Monica and Irvine, Kaleo and the ROC CEO, Ron McElroy, were onto to bigger and broader plans, they saw the writing on the wall and it said “Beautify Me”.


Both Ron and Kaelo strongly agree that a sterile environment produces sterile results and with this convergence in mind, the two promptly began throwing around some key concepts and words that the art should “say” without saying and “do” without consciously doing. That is the type of art Kaleo is best at creating.

The walls themselves are the charging stations, providing strong colors and crisp graphics, the murals work their magic evoking positive responses from visitors and those already members of the ROC family. Thinking outside the box requires coloring outside the lines in order to get passed mental boundaries we did not even know existed. Opening the traditionally cubicled office building, raising the stifling roof, letting in the natural light and taking down walls have all been proven to improve productive working environment conditions, yet until ROC, an emphasis on art in the business environment has been sadly neglected.

“Although we live in an age that worships attention-when we need to work, we force ourselves to concentrate-this approach can inhibit the imagination…It’s not until you let yourself relax and indulge in distractions that you discover the answer; the insight(s) arrives only after you stop looking for it.” An astute observation from the book “Imagine” by Johan Lehrer demonstrates how elusive our genius can be, and also provides clues to getting the upper hand of inspiration and ultimately working innovation.

In search of the tangible evidence to prove scientifically the “real” benefits of art in the workplace one arrives at the same old debate between the left and right lobes of the brain, how can one put a value on aesthetics? According to Victor Lipman, in an article he wrote for Forbes about “The Motivational Benefits of Art in the Workplace” coining a new term ROE (Return on Environment) , instead of ROI (Return on Investment) Lipman mentions that aside from the typical claims of boosting productivity and reducing stress, the biggest return (of art in the workplace) is a sense of pride, being proud of the environment you are working in, art instills pride. Sure, that seems like maybe a subjective factor, but the biggest benefit? Companies don’t focus on making, selling or advertising their ample volumes of pride. An alternate explanation that “Art is cool,” seems more appropriate. And, if we must go deeper perhaps it helps us relax a bit, which in turn allows those gamma rays to start firing synapses in concentrated, energetic laser beams? Just a guess.

ROC’s latest location in downtown San Diego, ROC@TheVine SD, is an ideal location for technology startups. Kaleo, once again, proves that he “get’s it”…check out these two new pieces…power meets innovation!



Art by Kaleo contains its own colorful bundle of energy reflective of Kaleo’s own hyper charged creative existence; one that does not begin and end with mixed media visual art, but includes an accomplished professional music career and his own couture clothing designs. Kaleo’s respect and reverence for professional athleticism is visibly displayed in some of his select pieces and that obvious talent has caught the interests of both professional athletes and celebrities across the US, Kaleo is currently in several negotiations with well-known professional athletes and prominent individuals who also can feel the energy emanating from his vibrant artwork.



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