Korean Tech & Singapore’s Meritocracy: Worth the Investment

Have you heard about the tech start-up scene in Korea? Southeast Asia in general has seen tremendous growth in this sector. At the top of that list with both growth and production is the beautiful country Singapore, which many professionals already know is not only a legitimately desirable and stable marketplace, but for American investors the Singapore market is an ideal international location of operations for a variety of logistical reasons. By the numbers, over the last 7 years, the number of start-up companies in Singapore alone has grown by 60%, mainly due to the rise in venture capital investing and funding matching this same time period. In 2011, the startup sector raised approximately $35 million, and more recently, as of October 2014 that figure has risen to $2.1 billion.

Singapore has celebrated solid growth economic and boasts of an internationally known and prosperous quality of life partially to the credit of the national ‘meritocracy’, which is a system where one’s (business or individual) is based on ability. In a collaborative alliance with A.C.E. (the Action Community for Entrepreneurs), and the C.B.A. (Clearbridge Accelerator) ROC hopes to exchange respective strengths in technology development and cross market development.

Collaboration has been a buzz word lately, as far as phraseology goes, but this is not a new way to work. More smart heads are better than one, and when you add innovation with investment funds as we have seen in the last decade, there are no limits to the potential success, reach and international influence.

Here in the US we are, by now, all accustomed to hearing about new start-ups and those boot-strap genius collaborations that are taking on and directly challenging the traditional corporate sector. What may have begun from a need to funds (fuel) and investors after our economic engine stalled and banks were not lending to small businesses has now grown into the most sought after and desirable business structure not just for the end customer or client but from a purely socio-economic perspective. The type of passion and perseverance needed to take a start-up from an idea to the market is a process, one that is made a bit easier with the support of entities such as ROC, who provides a net of support and aligns opportunities for Entrepreneurs that they would otherwise not have access to, be it workspace (collaborative or meeting space), the last technology products, and special events, such as the upcoming Korean Tech Startup Days hosted at two ROC locations. These events are open to investors and those with an interest in the Southeast Asia market, who claims to be in a direct, albeit friendly, popularity contest with Silicon Beach.

The two (2) Korean Tech Startup Demo Days will be held in February targeting the alliance of an international “entrepreneurial nation where innovation and enterprise can be translated into wealth creation and where diversity of ideas thrive”.

Real Office Centers Santa Monica will be hosting the first event on February 3rd from 6pm-9pm, and the second event (or another opportunity if you cannot attend the first) will be held at ROC in Newport Beach on February 4th from 6pm-9pm. If you would like to attend this Private event or would like more information about becoming involved in the Southeast Asia Startup movement register for either event via the Eventbrite links or contact either ROC location directly.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain), the Singapore River, the Supreme Court and Parliament of Singapore are visible.

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