L.A. Social Karma Marketing Workshop at ROC Santa Monica

The size and scope of digital marketing increases each year. Today, any business without an online marketing strategy will have a tough time getting the word out. Some of the simplest ways to tap into the countless available digital resources are through social media and email.

L.A. Social Karma is a boutique marketing firm that specializes in social media and email marketing. They focus on developing tailored strategies for locally owned businesses, providing one-to-one consultations and end-to-end management of different social sites. L.A. Social Karma will create and update content for your site, and can also create monthly email newsletters to clients and customers.

The marketing firm will host a workshop at ROC’s Santa Monica office on Tuesday, March 21 at 8:30am. To give us a little preview of the event and to offer some tips in the meantime, we got together with Jen, founder of L.A. Social Karma.

Can you tell us about your upcoming workshop in Santa Monica?

The digital lab is a Social Media & Email Marketing study hall of sorts. This lab is ideal for Business Owners looking to complete a Social Media or Email Marketing project, or have specific questions on Social Media or Email Marketing.

Lab Format:

-10 minute discovery session

-15 minute on discussion on a Digital Marketing Topic (varies from lab to lab)

– 1hr 30 minute of lab time (Time to turn our phones off, disconnect from our emails and work on a project with the goal of moving our business forward in 2017)

This month’s topic will be Instagram for Business!

When using social media and email marketing, what is the best way for businesses to make sure they aren’t spamming customers? 

Email Marketing is always permission based, emailing your clients 1-2 times a month is good. I try to consider what I would want to receive and format my newsletters in that fashion, short and sweet. As far as social media goes, its ok to post several times a day but remember content is king, share 80% fun and informational and 20% sales.

How has your experience been working with ROC? 

Very little experience with ROC, but the space looks amazing.


Find out more about L.A. Social Karma at their site, and check out the event page for the workshop at ROC Santa Monica!

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