LA Techies Disrupt the Snail Mail Industry

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Matt Going is no stranger to using technology to make his life more seamless.

The 25-year tech industry veteran is based in Los Angeles, but he also has corporate addresses in San Francisco, New York, and a couple other cities. While the Internet and other technologies have made it possible for him to work from anywhere, one facet of everyday life remained stubbornly archaic for far too long: the postal service.

When Going would receive mail at one of his alternative addresses, he was often left without any convenient options.

“I don’t get a lot of snail mail, but occasionally something very important shows up,” says Going. “What I found was that I rarely received the mail in a timely fashion. If I get a notice from the IRS or a letter from a customer, I want to know that immediately so I can take action.”

This conundrum prompted Going and his colleague Marcel Buechi to form Anytime Mailbox, a mail service that securely provides customers with electronic notifications and images of their incoming mail — directly on their computers, phones or tablets.

“I should be able to see exactly what mail I am getting, and decide what to do with it, all from my phone,” Going says. “The idea of waiting for mail to be re-forwarded to me or driving to pick up my mail is so old-fashioned. We are essentially taking an antiquated service and disrupting it.”

Since its founding in 2013, Anytime Mailbox has spread to over 70 locations in 35 different metro areas, and counts Real Office Centers among its many clients. In addition to receiving mail and scanning mail in a timely fashion, Anytime Mailbox also offers forwarding, check depositing, recycling, shredding, and local pickup at select locations.

“This is how the Pony Express started in the 1800s,” Going says. “I’m proud that we came up with this idea.”

Going hopes to continue growing Anytime Mailbox, reaching new customers across the US and around the world, who want to digitally manage their postal mail from across town or across the globe.

Though Anytime Mailbox is still in its early stages, its partnerships with other innovative services like Real Office Centers should help it grow.

“More and more people are becoming aware of us, and they are always delighted to find out what we can do for them,” Going says. “We are offering a new service that people need, but didn’t know they could have.”


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