Live Chat with Ron McElroy

Bestselling Author, Owner and CEO of ROC defines the Focus and Vision of ROC

Last week Ron McElroy, Owner and CEO of ROC (Real Office Centers) hosted his first webinar to explain the focus, vision and purpose of ROC. The beginning of the webinar included a beautifully composed video presentation entitled “Fostering greatness in those around you” relating to the vision, passion and purpose behind ROC. This video is still available on and well worth viewing again being packed with an assortment of beautiful photography and inspiring messages.

Giving back is profitable, not just in “paper money”, reflected Ron. “A self propelling goodness” shapes the environment you are in, out of goodness “evolves” greatness. The evolution of the workplace is something Ron McElroy is knowledgeable and deeply passionate about. Being able to offer more than just Real Estate, offering social, monetary and green capital should be a required part of the package. Living a sustainable life is reflected in the workplace by the decisions you make and should translate into a unified goal in encouraging positive and self propelling business opportunities. The evolution of the workplace is transforming the way we do business as it relates to technology, he observed. Recognizing that we are inherently social creatures we should be utilizing this skill at work in person, and “face to face”.

“Part of my vision for ROC was to have a Facebook type of place, encouraging social interaction, which adds value” he explained. Green capital and ecoROC began with simple steps regarding responsible eco friendly business practices and has only grown from there.

Briefly explaining the congruencies of Ron McElroy’s Best Selling book “The Wrong Side of the Tracks” is in the “dealing with struggles (in both business and personal affairs), facing them and getting to a place where you can learn and grow again”.

Sharing valuable learned knowledge through experience and proven success Ron shared his 3 key areas to address dealing with challenges on any level, in your personal and professional life.

The 1st and most important element in dealing with challenges is conviction. Making a decision and having the “fortitude to carry it out”, takes strength and support. “When your decisions are unpopular, remember your vision”, roadblocks are just hurdles.

The 2nd valuable token of advice given was to “stockpile knowledge”, and that ultimately education breaks down to “demonstrating discipline”, nowhere else is this more apparent than our ability to learn and grow. Stocking knowledge can also translate into amassing a network of people that you are able to “glean knowledge from,” in essence we all have access to a free education if we are willing to learn.

The 3rd and final facet seems to also be the most personally close to Mr. McElroy, as he noted that he continuously “checks himself”, in order to “remain humble” and “not take anything for granted”. Sadly it is so easy when things are going good, there’s some money in the bank and you are busy, to not take a moment to look around and enjoy it. Recognizing that you made the right decision over the long haul means you must maintain this philosophy and remain humble.

Ensuring us that there are more Live Chats and webinars to come there is a great opportunity to glean your own knowledge and pick the brain of a successful author and CEO that has found the secret to a more fulfilling and meaningful existence. Check our Events to attend a future webcast or for more information.

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