Living & Working with Art: Saatchi Online And ROC

Living & Working with Art

Saatchi Online & ROC Santa Monica

Jim Tansley
“Evermore” by Jim Tansley @ Saatchi Online

The Online Art World

As you’ve likely read, the multi-billion dollar online art market has been heating up. Retailing giant Amazon recently joined the art space but leading the way is our very own ROC Santa Monica tenant, Saatchi Online.

Originally part of London’s famed Saatchi Gallery, Saatchi Online launched in Los Angeles in 2011 as a stand-alone online art marketplace. Today, it represents tens of thousands of emerging artists from over 100 countries, giving people the opportunity to easily discover and buy original art from around the globe.

Saatchi Online And ROC: Fostering Creativity

Jim Tansley
“Spirit” by Louise Aldridge @ Saatchi Online

Leave it to ROC to be at the forefront of exciting new developments in the world of online art sales. Furthering its reputation for supporting creative endeavor, ROC Santa Monica has recently partnered with Saatchi Online.

In collaborating with Saatchi Online, ROC Santa Monica hopes to bring together local artists and Silicon Beach entrepreneurs, underlining its commitment to fostering creative innovation.

As part of this new partnership with Saatchi Online and ROC Santa Monica, proudly on display are 33 works of art by select Los Angeles-based artists, all of whom were handpicked by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator of Saatchi Online and Director of the Saatchi Gallery.

The exhibition will be on for 4 months and is open to the public. All of the works in the exhibition are for sale through Saatchi Online and can also be viewed online here:

One Of A Kind Gift

FOR A LIMITED TIME-ROC tenants will be able to receive a 15% discount on original artwork (valued at $250 and above) until December 10th, 2013 by using the code “ROCART” @ checkout via Saatchi Online.


Whether or not you have developed an appreciation for art, simply looking at art is said to be one of the best ways to reduce stress. Beyond that, art has the power to calm the senses, stimulate the brain, inspire creativity, and best of all – it speaks all languages.

Linked as they are by a common mission to support creative professionals, it’s no wonder that Saatchi Online and ROC Santa Monica have come together to bolster the efforts of entrepreneurs and emerging artists.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “every artist was once an amateur,” and we’d add that before there was fire there was a spark. The relationship between art and entrepreneurship reminds us—no matter our industry—that we all share the kindred fire of inspiration; we simply need room to breathe and our fires stoked every once in a while.

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