Look Into The Future Of 2014 With CEO, Ron McElroy

Welcoming the New Year in business requires planning, projection and commitment to a specific set of goals and the innovation empire of ROC is no different. When ROC CEO Ron McElroy was asked about those specific plans for the future, starting with 2014, the response was nothing short of an epic teaser, and just the tip of the iceberg for this unsinkable ship.

A Message From The Future from Ron McElroy

“Yet again, living breathing and eating innovation, ROC is doing it again. Disruption has been the interesting word thrown around throughout 2013, appropriately describing the concept of mixing it up, changing the status quo….if you will. But the kind of leaps that ROC is orchestrating are nothing short of historical in importance.

Why? Because no one else believes what is happening the way ROC does, no one is stepping up and plunking down like ROC is. It’s easy for others to talk about it, even excitedly plan for it or include it in strategic discussions for the future but no one is throwing down.

Well, not the case with ROC-within the first quarter of 2014 ROC will be at the center of a start up explosion smack dab in the middle of “Start Up Paradise”. Oahu is at the top of the cortex for the State of Hawaii who is funneling huge resources to this very cause. Now, against all naysayers, who professed that Orange County is not ripe for anything except real estate, plays and clothing companies…ROC is doing it again!

A consolidation of powers is coming together right here in what used to be prime farming land. Orchards, strawberry fields, Dairy’s and lima beans dominated the landscape not more than four decades ago. These same fruitful lands are now maturing through their first few rounds of speculation and now, for many different reasons, are primed for a shift from wealth based powers cycling real estate values to wealth created and sustained by the counties most intelligent and creative thinkers.

My prediction is that the youth of the next few generations will develop so much innovation right here in Orange County that real estate values will begin to be measured by successful growth patterns that emerge from them…..yeah, right, difficult concept to really wrap your head around…..but, that’s what innovation is…..thinking past waking up to your alarm, shower, shave, work, then senseless discussion at dinner then go to sleep….no, no more coupon clipping lives….over it!

So, that begs the question…..what, where , why? Can’t quite disclose that yet…but I can say that it will be the Disneyland of Innovative business in Southern California for the next half a century to come….you wait and see!”

This is the prophecy for the future of ROC from bestselling author Ron McElroy himself. Words that demonstrate just how dynamic, progressive, thriving and innovative this unstoppable Big Kahuna is.

“ If you’re not onboard you’re missing the ship!”-Ron McElroy, CEO ROC

Stay tuned for more developments to come…

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