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As another sweltering summer begins, California’s devastating drought remains a prominent issue affecting lawmakers and residents alike. Blossom, a California-based company located in ROC’s Irvine office at The Vine, is striving to take water conservation worries off the minds of homeowners and into their smart phone or tablet. With the idea that a smart sprinkler system could provide a simple and economical solution to irrigation water waste, the Blossom Smart Sprinkler Controller extends the benefits of home automation outside to the yard. Blossom’s smart watering system utilizes real-time weather intelligence to calculate actual water demand. The Blossom controller utilizes that data to adjust the watering schedule on a daily basis and optimize the irrigation system that manages homeowners’ existing sprinklers. The system also leverages the power of cloud computing to let users easily monitor and control the watering of their garden from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


With a group of bright thinkers from some of the world’s most powerful brands, including Skype, Vizio, Microsoft, Linksys and Cisco, founder and CEO Manrique Brenes has established an impressive team. “We have an interesting combination of consumer electronics experience, cloud based services, and I come with the experience in the field of irrigation,” Brenes explained in an interview with SoCalTech.com. When asked about Blossom’s approach into the irrigation and home automation market, Brenes responded:

“We realized that there were over 40 million homes in the U.S. Who have a pressurized irrigation system. The average household in the Southwest US spends over $100 a month in water, with fifty percent of that spent outside the house, mostly on irrigation. Almost half of that is wasted. If you work the numbers backwards, there are over 40 million homes wasting $200 a year or more on water. That’s a big market. We looked at what was out there, and what’s been built, and believed we could fundamentally influence that. It was the confluence of our experience in cloud based services, our experience building consumer electronics, and the ability to [create] great intelligence which would put all of those things together which was better than anything else.”


Along with its ability to easily be installed either inside or outdoors, a big selling point of the Blossom Smart Sprinkler Controller is the potential savings it offers homeowners on monthly water bills. With the entire unit priced at just $199, Blossom can pay for itself in water cost savings in less than one year. Once installed, Blossom can shave up to 30 percent off of future water bills. For California homeowners facing mandatory water usage restrictions this summer, Blossom provides a hassle-free and cost-efficient way to manage irrigation systems and conserve water.


The entire ROC team would like to extend special congratulations to Blossom on being chosen as one of The Vine’s exceptional start-ups to be featured in Mayor Choi’s speech at the Irvine Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Business Luncheon. If you would like to join us for this event on June 19th, please register here.


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