Looking For More Meaningful Professional Connections? Check Out ROC’s New Online Community: An inside look at the new networking tool made by and for ROC members.

When Building Bloc cofounders Alyssa Mason and Mohamed Kamal first joined Real Office Centers’ Santa Monica office in 2014, they were instantly impressed with the different startups and companies based there.
“We noticed something special happening [when we joined ROC],” Mason says.“They had thousands of members poised for growth, [and] some of them were doing incredible things, contributing to the ever-booming tech environment here in Silicon Beach, but had no tools to connect to one another.”
The solution? A recently-launched ROC online members’ community, which gives users the chance to post and view job opportunities, communicate about different topics of interests, view and plan upcoming ROC community events, and stay up to date on the latest ROC news.
Mason and Kamal, whose growth engineering firm Building Bloc specializes in product growth and user engagement started work with the ROC team planning the logistics of ROC’s online community in 2015.
“As we began to speak with ROC’s staff, we learned a lot about how to grow and engage ROC’s most avid fans while building a product that the members would love,” Mason says. “The key is their strong superuser community members, who will benefit most from an online community.”
The three most important features for the new online community are the member directory, the discussions portal and the events calendar. The member directory allows users to easily find other ROC community members, and to see who is most active online.
The discussion page gives community members a chance to converse about a wide range of topics, including surfing, books, mindfulness, cool events happening around Los Angeles and house music, to name a few. Each ROC office also has its own discussion page, and there is a job opportunities board as well.
Job opportunities posted to ROC’s online community in the last week alone include two sales positions with ShopEatSurf, an executive assistant position with Prosocial, and a brands relations manager position with EchoBox Audio.
“The discussions section is a place where the community can get the conversation started,” Mason says. “[It is] where they can share ideas, stories, interests and even ask questions of their fellow members.”
Finally, the event calendar keeps members informed of any upcoming ROC events in Southern California and Hawaii.
“Events are a major pillar of the ROC community,” Mason says. “They bring both members and non-members from within the community and city together, under one roof.”
Now, ROC members have a chance to be together even when they are not under the same roof. If you have not already signed up with this online community, take the opportunity to do so now.

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