Making the Case

As an attorney or legal professional time is literally money, billing hours that do not need to be spent searching for meeting space or office space availability on a case by case basis. Securing office space or meeting space that is in a mutually convenient location for all parties and an easily accessible location often complicates this process even further, not to mention the expenses incurred. For these specific reasons alone, utilizing a virtual office center or commercial office center on an as needed or a la carte basis for attorney’s, paralegals, semi retired legal professionals, judges and legal consultants, makes perfect sense.

In San Diego alone there is a large legal population centered around the downtown Federal Courthouse, all competing for the same space to conduct depositions, pre-trial meetings, mediation proceedings, etc. Considering that the Southern District Court of California has the highest number of criminal cases per judge in the entire country, ipso facto, case loads are stacked, time and space are at a premium. Compounding the problem of just finding available space is also the quality of the space or the impression that the space gives. Ensuring a professional image is an integral facet in legal maneuvering. As all attorneys are aware, there are never second impressions. Having an impressive, professional, contemporary and high tech office space conveys a valuable message.

Located at the award winning One America Plaza, Real Office Centers (ROC) in San Diego is located just one block from the courthouse (walking distance), also close to all major public transportation hubs (train, trolley, plane, bus), has a staff of expert professionals that provide support and catered services specifically for legal professionals, and offers office space or meeting space on an as needed basis. Since the nature of a legal professional’s schedule, if not with a large firm, fluctuates daily, utilizing a virtual office space on a variable basis translates into tangible cost savings. ROC in San Diego has meeting rooms that vary in size, are installed with smartboards, teleconferencing capabilities, AV needs and HDTV’s, with catering options as well. With flexibility in mind the cancellation policy for meeting space is only 24hours and a deposit is not required ( a credit card however will be needed to reserve the space) and their professional administrative staff works directly with DLS and Knox Services for additional convenience.

As if there were need to further plead the case, the burden of proof rests within the evidence laid out before you. A corporate office center that is ideally located, delivers an impressive image, is cost a conscious option, offers flexibility and personalized service is not just for legal professionals but appealing to the bustling professional population of downtown San Diego.

In the case of Esq. vs. Corporate Real Estate, no further deliberations are necessary, discover the facts for yourself.

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