Meet Your Fellow ROC’er: COACCEL: The Human Accelerator

Company: COACCEL: The Human Accelerator , “Godmother of Silicon Beach”

Industry: Humans; Human Acceleration; we focus primarily on female tech entrepreneurs, though we work with men as well. We believe in humans.

Elevator pitch: A three month program, 1-1, customized for you, to accelerate you through your work. “You are the ultimate product.” A unique highly innovative method of coaching, relationship capital, and business and marketing strategy/guidance.

Location: Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica

Been in business since: 2016

Why did you choose your field of work? I believe in the power of a human being. What we want we can create so long as we believe in ourselves, and accelerate it with the right support system and guidance. COACCEL spawned from my story — “When I Filed for Divorce, I was fired from my Company”. This is my third company. My previous company was Coloft, the first coworking space in LA, that spawned the entire LA tech ecosystem as we know it. We had over 1800 alumni, including Uber LA, Instacart, ZipRecruiter, and more. Once I lost Coloft (which no longer exists today) I had to start over as a single mom (to twin boys) and figure out who I was. My identity was wrapped up in my work. it was really hard, but I am more powerful and happier than I have ever been now. I saw a need for entrepreneurs (and humans) to foster the human, build the person. The more powerful and equipped you are as a human being, your work will be as well. It’s simply an extension of you. Check out the full story on my blog (link above), it’s pretty deep and inspiring. 

Best advice you’ve ever received: Nobody can make you anything, you get to decide.

Ideal collaboration/partnership: Badass female founders doing epic shit.

What is your favorite part about ROC?: It feels like a community, and I love to see that that energy still exists in LA.

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