Meet Your Fellow ROC’er: Genbook, Inc.

Company: Genbook, Inc. 

CEO & Founder: Rody Moore

VP, Global Sales: Brian Walsh

Industry: Business Services – Online Scheduling, Marketing, Analytics and payments.

Elevator pitch: Easy, elegant online scheduling for small businesses.

Locations: 604 Arizona Ave, Santa Monica: Office 33 and 34. Sydney, Australia, and many more coming!

Been in business since: 2008

Why did you choose your field of work? Running a small business is really hard work – there’s never enough time or resources. They have endless competing priorities and they need help.  I’m really passionate about helping small businesses succeed. I love the possibility of making a difference in the day to day lives of the millions of people who start, run and work for small businesses in America.” – Rody Moore

Best advice you’ve ever received: “Keep your eye on the ball.”

Ideal collaboration/partnership: We are always looking to work with people and companies with relationships with lots of small services businesses.

What is your favorite part about ROC?: “ROC has a great team who are always there to help, we were able to get our sales operation up and running overnight with their support whereas we could have taken months if we were to acquire our own premises in the area.  It is great to be working in an environment that has great energy and breeds innovation and success.  And finally, you can always be guaranteed a smile J from the moment you enter the building from the ROC team… You guys ROC!!!” – Brian Walsh

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