Meet Your Fellow ROC’er: PaineLab

Company: PaineLab. Ideas for your startup.
Industry: Business consulting, one-on-one advice, and marketing for early stage companies and entrepreneurs.

Elevator pitch: Think of us as startup “therapists.” We provide start-ups and entrepreneurs with expert, one-on-one advice in fundraising, positioning, branding, product launches, and general business operations. Come in and see us for advice.

Location: The Vine OC, #104, Irvine, CA

Been in business since: 2015

Why did you choose your field of work? David Paine, founding advisor of PaineLab, built and successfully sold his own company, and has worked with entrepreneurs, VCs, and others in the startup world for years. After selling his own firm, he decided he wanted to help other entrepreneurs be successful and avoid common pitfalls.

Best advice you’ve ever received: Failure is just a necessary step toward success.

Ideal collaboration/partnership: Working with innovative, open-minded startups and entrepreneurs that need help with strategic direction, branding, market positioning, fundraising support, and operations.

What is your favorite part about ROC?: The collaborative environment and energy.

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