Meet Your Fellow ROC’er: RLTY CHK




Company: RLTY CHK

Industry: Immersive Entertainment (VR, AR, MR)

Elevator pitch: RLTY CHK has created TRIV, a social virtual reality game show platform, which delivers immersive experiences where everyone is the star. The TRIV prototype, Kiss or Kill, was selected by Valve to be part of its 2017 Game Developers Conference showcase. Kiss or Kill will launch winter 2017.

Location: Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica

Been in business since: July 2016

Why did you choose your field of work?: The chance to help create a new medium happens once in a generation. Immersive technology is this generation’s opportunity. At RLTY CHK we are excited to disrupt what ‘entertainment’ is by merging Hollywood storytelling with game design and technology.

Best advice you’ve ever received: It’s not a single piece of advice, but the Walt Disney biography (Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler) was a huge inspiration for us when first starting RLTY CHK. Disney’s journey to bring a new medium (animated films, eventually with color and sound!) to the masses is very similar to what we are doing today.  His persistence in vision is incredibly motivating.

Ideal collaboration/partnership: Anyone interested in immersive technology, gaming, and/or story telling. We’re actively looking for a Senior Creative Director with 3D gaming experience and a Senior Unity Developer.

What is your favorite part about ROC?: By far the best part about ROC is the awesome community, both fellow co-workers and the staff.


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