Meet Your Fellow ROC’er: Sia Brands

Company: Sia Brands

Industry: Design/Branding

Elevator pitch: Sia brands is a boutique branding and design agency in Orange County, CA. We specialize in building smart, simple brands with soul. We strategize, position, and build a culture through visual identity, print, web presence, and branded spaces. We gather information, identify the strategy, and use intuition and creativity to give birth to brands that both tell a story and turn heads. Brands are inspired through us, not from us. We are passionate about building authentic brands, because to us, design is personal. Whether you are a startup looking for a new brand or existing company looking for a brand refresh, we offer you a new perspective, process, and approach that delivers value and helps you stand out.

We are Born from passion. The desire to innovate and build brands with purpose and not just aesthetics is what we stand for. We are a small agency with big visions. We value authenticity and relationships. We care about transparency, open communication, genuineness, and honesty. Instead of just following us on social media, you can follow us to the coffee shop where we’ll strategize over a macchiato. Instead of chatting with interns, you’ll meet with our Creative Director. Rather than penciling you in, we’ll put pen to paper and get the job done.

Simplicity is our ally. In a fast-moving world, our designs trigger a moment to stop, slow down, and exhale. We believe brands should be built with passion and emotion but delivered in the simplest way possible. When people see our work, we want them to be moved.  We strive to stir souls and make brands breathe freshness. By eliminating the clutter, the necessary speaks volume. At Sia Brands, every project is birthed out of  beauty, passion, simplicity, and connection. That is what makes us unique. We touch hearts through visual encounters.

 Location: The Vine OC

Been in business since: 2011

Why did you choose your field of work? Love creativity, connection and adding value to the world.

Best advice you’ve ever received: Where ever focus goes energy flows. Set your mind on the things you want and not want you don’t want.

Ideal collaboration/partnership: Would love to collaborate with other branding and marketing agencies and forward thinking start up companies to build their brands from scratch.

What is your favorite part about ROC?: Love the community and connection. Being around like minded driven people and opening to helping each other grow. Its laid back, casual and feels like a family.

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